Award-winning, cloud-based solutions

Delivering the revenue, time-savings, and insights you need to keep your organization focused on your patients’ health.

ZirMed believes your healthcare organization should have the time, money, and insights you need to focus your energy and resources on your core mission: caring for your patients’ health.

And that belief drives everything we do.

It’s why we help you get paid by payers and patients faster, more fully, and more cost-effectively than ever before. It’s why we streamline and automate your processes and remove obstacles that stand in your way. It’s why every one of our solutions runs in the cloud, where we manage and update your software and data for you—automatically. It’s why we never outsource or offshore our award-winning service and support—every ZirMed support agent is trained and works in our US headquarters.

And it’s why we help you manage the health of your patient population to optimize patient outcomes and meet the challenges of fee-for-value (FFV), pay-for-performance, and outcome-based reimbursements as well as traditional fee-for-service (FFS) payments.

ZirMed offers a full range of solutions for every kind of healthcare organization:

Solutions for revenue cycle management (RCM), population health management (PHM), patient engagement, and healthcare analytics.

Today, ZirMed is the only company delivering proven cloud-based business and clinical performance management solutions to meet the challenges of population health, fee-for-service, and fee-for-value:

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Solutions

Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

Maximize revenue and productivity while reducing A/R days and write-offs with ZirMed’s comprehensive end-to-end collection of RCM solutions. Quickly and easily determine payment responsibility, collect from patients up front, process and track all claims, manage payer payments, and collect outstanding patient balances.

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Population Health Management (PHM) Solutions

Population Health Management Solution

ZirMed’s population health management solutions help you identify gaps in care—and enable you to understand how those gaps will impact your clinical and business performance. Now you can easily, efficiently, and cost-effectively manage any pay-for performance (P4P) or value-based care program, and use ZirMed’s powerful predictive analytics to improve both clinical and quality performance.

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Patient Engagement Solutions

Patient Engagement Solution

Today, patients owe more money out of pocket than ever before—and their share of financial responsibility for their healthcare continues to grow with the rise of high-deductible health plans. By helping you engage with your patients at every stage in the cycle of care, ZirMed’s Patient Engagement solutions help you collect more of what they owe—and collect it sooner—while enhancing their satisfaction.

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Healthcare Analytics

Analytics Solution

Gain insight, track performance, and see alerts when metrics aren’t being met. The ZirMed Analytics solution enables you to optimize your organization’s revenue performance by monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) and acting decisively to address issues before they significantly impact your organization.

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