Hospice & Home Health Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

Home health services are in high demand as people strive to move care to a lower-cost setting. Yet many hospice and home health agencies struggle to improve profitability even despite the boom in business. Changing home health reimbursement rates make it difficult to manage hospice and home health revenue cycle effectively. With the rise in high-deductible health plans, more emphasis has been put on maximizing collections from patients while maintaining efficiencies with private insurance and government payers collections. Hospice and home health organizations need revenue cycle solutions that maximize revenue across the board.

ZirMed’s powerful data-driven platform integrates with your existing systems, helping you streamline processes and recoup and retain every dollar to which you are entitled. Take your hospice and home health revenue cycle management (RCM) to the next level by reducing resource constraints and increasing revenue capture.

Want to learn more? Take a tour of ZirMed’s dynamic home health and hospice revenue cycle solutions:

Verify eligibility and identify hidden coverage.

Home health covers a wide variety of services that may or may not be covered under an individual’s health plan. That’s why real-time insurance verification is critical. Patients may have Medicare, Medicaid, a supplemental policy, other health insurance coverage, or a combination of these. In some cases, coverage may have lapsed entirely. That’s why you need hospice and home health RCM solutions that give real-time eligibility information and specific details about coverage for medications, wound care, hospice care, palliative care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and more.  Here’s how ZirMed can help:

Capture revenue with point of service and self-pay patient collections.

High deductible health plans continue to plague providers, and home health agencies are certainly no exception. Your home health agency must develop strategies to engage patients, many of whom are completely homebound. As a hospice or home health provider, you need RCM solutions that make it as easy as possible for patients and their families to manage healthcare expenses and pay you with ease. Here’s how ZirMed can help:

Accelerate cash flow with claims reimbursement solutions.

When you spot potential claim errors prior to submission, you begin to circumvent denials. The result: you limit the amount of time and resources necessary for appeals. To enable this type of efficiency, however, you need hospice and home health RCM solutions that monitor coding accuracy in real-time, alerting you to potential errors and omissions. Understandably, a large portion of home health and hospice reimbursement comes from Medicare, so you need a tool that offers CCI edits and coding tools, as well as access to Medicare FISS Direct Data Entry system to easily edit Medicare Part A claims. As a hospice or home health provider, you also need the ability to post payments electronically, track denials as they occur, and expedite denial and appeal management. The insights gained from advanced reporting not only improves home health reimbursement but also drives immediate process improvement. Here’s how ZirMed can help:

Integration Capabilities

By design, ZirMed’s revenue cycle management platform enables creators of healthcare technology solutions to seamlessly and easily incorporate our HIPAA and PCI-compliant applications and transactions into your software solutions. Using ZirMed’s integration capabilities, organizations seeking a traditional approach of exchanging EDI transactions may transmit and receive a variety of claims, payments, eligibility inquiries, and other healthcare transactions using established technologies and methods such as X12 files, APIs, Flat Files, FTP, Encryption (i.e. PGP), and more. You’ll have confidence knowing that your exchanges are occurring securely, in compliance with all regulatory guidelines, and utilizing existing technological capabilities.