Analytics: Not just for the big facilities anymore

Medical Practice Insider | April 27, 2015

Claims vendor ZirMed, which processes more than $2 billion annually in patient payments, is investing heavily in helping providers get their rightful reimbursement. The underlying assumptions are that insurance deductibles continue to rise, patients need to keep paying their bills, and they’re increasingly willing to do so online rather than mailing in a paper check.

“Some of the nation’s largest health systems have achieved 4, 5, even 6 times ROI on tools that find hidden pockets of money,” said Ric Sinclair, ZirMed’s product vice president. “We’re looking to bring those tools downmarket.”

“I do think it’s a real trend,” ZirMed’s Sinclair added. “A lot of the things that previously only larger healthcare organizations had the horsepower to do are starting to become more prevalent.”

Analytics: Not just for the big facilities anymore

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