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Essential solutions for radiology groups.

Radiology groups face unique challenges when it comes to managing your revenue, operating efficiently, and getting paid by government and commercial payers—and patients.

At ZirMed, we understand. And we’ve developed complete, end-to-end solutions designed to save you time and money—and help you get paid faster and more fully.

Radiology X-Ray

With ZirMed, AMI saw a 315% increase in year-over year point-of-care patient collections.”
Jyl Nieto and Diana Roldan, Financial Services
Advanced Medical Imaging

Claims Management


Clean claims are the key to a healthy revenue cycle. The more efficient your claims processing, the faster you get paid—and ZirMed delivers an industry-leading 98%+ first-pass clean claims rate. Boost payments while reducing AR days, headaches, and time spent on claims with ZirMed’s Claims Management solution.

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Lost remits and the time-consuming process of posting payments manually translate into costly delays and unrealized revenue. With ZirMed’s Remits solution, you’ll receive all your remits electronically–from all payers, and in one system.

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Eligibility Verification


Ineligible patient insurance coverage causes more than 75% of all claim rejections and denials by payers. And logging in to multiple payer websites for eligibility information is a time-consuming hassle. Quickly and easily verify patient insurance coverage and co-pay amounts up front with ZirMed Eligibility Verification.

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Patient Estimation


More than half of all bad debt in groups typically comes from outstanding patient balances. And patient financial responsibilities continue to soar—thanks to high-deductible plans, larger co-pays, and more uninsured patients. Accurately estimate total patient financial responsibility up front with ZirMed Patient Estimation—and collect payment before you provide service.

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Patient Payments


When it’s easy for patients to make payments, they’re more likely to pay you—and pay you sooner. Yet dedicated credit-card phone lines, costly POS terminals, and separate reporting for different payment options make your day-to-day operations too complicated, error-prone, and expensive. Patient Payments makes it easy to process credit/debit card, check, ACH, and cash payments from any PC—with real-time reporting of all transactions.

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What’s really going on financially in your radiology business? Where do you most need to improve—and how? Will you be able recognize and correct issues early—before they can significantly impact you? How are you performing compared to other radiology providers—and what can you learn from that? Take charge with ZirMed Analytics, and gain insight, track your performance, and see alerts when your key metrics aren’t being met.

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Patient Statements


ZirMed produces and sends over three million paper and electronic statements every month. Our high volume keeps your costs low, and our patient-friendly, customizable formats encourage quick payments and improve your patients’ and families’ satisfaction. Reduce billing costs and accelerate patient collections with ZirMed Patient Statements.

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Patient Notebook


Staying connected with patients outside of office hours can reduce AR days, billing costs, and “phone tag”—while boosting patient engagement and helping you avoid Meaningful Use Stage 2 penalties and lost incentive income. Collect payments online, securely exchange messages and documents with patients, and meet MU2 requirements with ZirMed Patient Notebook.

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EOB Conversion with Payer Lockbox


In today’s cost-pressured healthcare environment, you can no longer afford to spend endless hours processing paper checks and remits—and dealing with time-consuming visits to the bank and cumbersome record-keeping and reconciliation. Let ZirMed’s EOB Conversion with Payer Lockbox solution transform your incoming paper checks and remits into EFT transactions and electronic 835s—and match digital ERAs and payments to deposits and claims—automatically.

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Patient Payments is the best at automating patient payments. It’s helped us streamline the entire process and virtually eliminated the need to handle hard copy checks.”

Case StudyWanda Mercado, Director
University Radiology

More Information

Advanced Medical Imaging Case Study

AMI was seeking additional solutions to support and improve understanding of patient responsibilities and collection of balance. With ZirMed’s Patient Estimation AMI Increased point-of-care patient collections by 300% and streamlined processes and improved workflows.

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Collect More from Patients Without Hurting Satisfaction

Billing and reimbursement has always been difficult for healthcare organizations, but changes in the industry have made things harder than ever.

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Patient Statements Analysis

What could your organization do with $10,000 more a year? Saving that much could be easier than you think…

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Patient Engagement Fact Sheet

By helping you engage with your patients at every stage in the cycle of care, ZirMed’s Patient Engagement solution helps you collect more of what they owe—and collect it sooner—while enhancing their satisfaction.

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