Remit & Deposit Management

Remit & Deposit Management

Manual bank reconciliation is too time-consuming and expensive, makes it too easy to overlook missing items, and can lead to inaccurate posting of receivables before cash is received—which inaccurately depicts cash flow and violates recognized accounting principles.

That’s why you need ZirMed Remit & Deposit Management.

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Ideal when you’re facing:

  • Time-consuming, mistake-prone manual processes
  • Posting delays that increase AR days, secondary billing, and the time to collect self pay
  • Slowdowns in the denial/underpayment process
  • Hours spent resolving missing deposits and remits
  • Inaccurate posting of receivables before cash is received—which inaccurately depicts cash flow and violates accounting principles
  • Inaccurate receivables caused by failure to recognize missing remits

Discover the power of Remit & Deposit Management:

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Streamline your workflow and reduce errors with ZirMed’s powerful, easy-to-use Unmatched Deposits Workcenter.
Post payments accurately and automatically—and maintain a single point of reference for payment information.
Uses ZirMed’s powerful missing remits service to increase accuracy.

And much more!

  • Automatically upload banking spreadsheets to the ZirMed portal—even if you use more than one bank.
  • Automatically reconcile EFTs and checks from payers.
  • Automatically build reassociated files.
  • Works by exceptions to expose missing or inaccurate deposits and ERAs.
  • Streamlines communication to payers about missing remits.

Ready to eliminate time-consuming, error-prone manual bank reconciliation processing?

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