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ICD-10 Webinar Series: What does the delay mean to you?

In preparation for ICD-10, ZirMed is offering FREE monthly webinars on ICD-10 preparation and ZirMed’s strategy and readiness. These webinars will discuss the impact of ICD-10 on your practice—and what you need to do now to prepare for success.

The Newest Feature for Clinical Link: Direct Secure Messaging

ZirMed users can now connect and securely share clinical documents with any provider organization in the US.

ZirMed Introduces Direct Secure Messaging for Clinical Link

New functionality in ZirMed’s Clinical Link solution connects ZirMed users with any provider organization in the US, enabling HIPAA-compliant electronic exchange of medical information, automatic receipt confirmation, and seamless transitions of care.

ZirMed Overview

Boost financial and operational performance, gain actionable insights, and communicate securely with ZirMed’s powerful cloud-based RCM, Analytics, and Clinical Communications solutions.

Eligibility Verification

Ineligible patient insurance coverage causes more than 75% of all claim rejections and denials by payers. Beat the odds with ZirMed.

Claims Management

The more efficient your claims processing, the faster you get paid. Boost payments while reducing A/R days, headaches, and time spent on claims.

ZirMed Workcenter

Take your claims processing workflow to the next level, with a user-friendly interface, streamlined navigation, and easy-to-set-up workgroups for greater focus and productivity.

Friday Favs – April 18, 2014

Happy Friday! Here’s a few of our favorite highlights from the work week.

6 Steps to ICD-10 Success

By now you’ve heard that the ICD-10 go-live date will be postponed at least a year. But that doesn’t mean you should stop preparing.

No matter where you are in the process, we know there’s a lot to keep track of, so we created this checklist to help you monitor your progress as you transition to ICD-10.

Time, Money, Efficiency: ZirMed Clients Speak Out

ZirMed’s clients expose the truth—about how much they benefit from our solutions. Warning: what you hear might just surprise you.

Ready for the Future: ZirMed Clients Speak Out

Can the technology of today handle the challenges of tomorrow? Only if it’s designed with tomorrow in mind. ZirMed’s clients speak out about the future. Caution: a future this bright may require wearing shades.

Our Partnership with EyeFormatics

This new partnership will enable eye care professionals to streamline claims submissions and boost patient payments—all within the EyeFormatics EMR system.

The Delay Is an Opportunity — Not a Reason to Put Off Action

ZirMed’s Betty Gomez shares tips to help organizations across the spectrum of ICD-10 readiness make the best use of the extra time they now have—and explains why it’s so critical for all organizations to keep pushing ahead with their ICD-10 preparations.

ZirMed Partners with EyeFormatics to Provide Integrated Revenue Cycle Management Technology for Eye Care Professionals

Provider of EMR for Ophthalmologists Partners with ZirMed to Enable Streamlined Claims Submission, Boost Patient Payments, Provide Access to Payment Estimation Technology and Analytics Platform.

Friday Favs – April 11, 2014

A new partnership to help our clients who use Medical Manager, forecasts from CMS on payment rates for Medicare Advantage plans, and new insight into how providers are benefiting from PQRS incentives—this week in healthcare IT!

Recognizing Your Patients as Consumers

The shift towards consumer-driven healthcare means that patients are becoming more invested in their own care. Our Head of Product, Ric Sinclair, recently spoke to Medical Practice Insider about the increasing trend of consumerized healthcare.

Friday Favs – April 4, 2014

TGIF! Here’s a list of this week’s industry news highlights.

On ZirMed’s acquisition of TransEngen’s payment processing and patient engagement solutions

Today, we announced some great news for all of ZirMed’s clients, and especially for those of you who use our Patient Estimation, Eligibility, and Patient Notebook solutions…

ZirMed Acquires Payment Processing and Patient Engagement Solutions from TransEngen Inc.

Strategic Deal Expands Customer Base, Expands Portfolio of Financial Processing, Patient Engagement and Revenue Cycle Solutions.

Transitioning to ICD‐10: What your RCM and clearinghouse vendors should be doing to help you now.

Ken Edwards, ZirMed’s VP of Operations, provides a behind-the-scenes look at RCM and clearinghouse vendors—including how to tell if your vendors are truly ready for ICD-10.

Friday Favs – March 28, 2014

This was a busy week for health IT. Of course the big news was the possibility of an ICD-10 delay. On Thursday, the House approved a bill that would delay ICD-10 by at least a year. The Senate is expected to vote Monday.

Applying the Principles of Krav Maga to Your ICD-10 Preparations

ZirMed’s Ric Sinclair explains how a martial art focused on training for real-world scenarios—and going on the offensive—can serve as a model for taking charge of your organization’s transition to ICD-10.

ZirMed Announces Top Four Best Practices for Meeting PQRS Quality Measures

Leading Health Information Connectivity and Management Solutions Company Helps Eligible Providers Avoid Future Penalties and Gain Financial Savings.

Looking ahead: reflections from HIMSS

Across all of healthcare, there’s a growing focus on connectivity—and large healthcare organizations are discovering new ways to improve their operations, boost efficiency, and enhance revenue and cash flow, while gaining clear insight into exactly which improvements hold the greatest potential.

Friday Favs – March 21, 2014

While in the midst of March Madness, we rounded up some of this week’s “three-pointers” in healthcare.

How ACOs Can Leverage Claims Data

More organizations are realizing the value of claims data—and are learning how to leverage the standardized, carefully scrutinized information embedded in healthcare claims.

Saving Private Practice: The Front Office

In this webinar, ZirMed’s Nate Davis explores the challenges that private practices face in the changing healthcare landscape and shares three keys to front-office success—including the solutions that helped one practice achieve a 315% increase in point-of-care collections.

Friday Favs – March 14, 2014

As you prepare for St. Patrick’s Day this weekend, we rounded up a few of our favorite finds in healthcare this week.

ICD-10 Webinar Series: ICD-10 Training

In preparation for ICD-10, ZirMed is offering FREE monthly webinars on ICD-10 preparation and ZirMed’s strategy and readiness. These webinars will discuss the impact of ICD-10 on your practice—and what you need to do now to prepare for success.

ICD-10 Webinar Series: Kicking off 2014 with your Plan A

In preparation for ICD-10, ZirMed is offering FREE monthly webinars on ICD-10 preparation and ZirMed’s strategy and readiness. These webinars will discuss the impact of ICD-10 on your practice—and what you need to do now to prepare for success.

Claims Data ACO

Organizations that manage population health are only as good as their data. And as more of the healthcare industry moves to an ACO model, the limits of clinical data are becoming more apparent–it’s not standardized, it doesn’t go through a rigorous review for accuracy, and it’s not easily sharable across disparate systems…

Patrolling for Dollars

How should your ACO gear up for the ACA? This article explores the financial challenges inherent in the shift towards “accountable” care—and features answers from ZirMed’s CFO and general counsel Jim Lacy about how ACOs can meet those challenges in the current era of healthcare reform.

ZirMed’s Ric Sinclair on Healthcare Now Radio

As part of their series highlighting thought leaders at HIMSS14, HITECH Answers interviewed Ric Sinclair, ZirMed’s head of product, about the article he wrote explaining ZirMed’s vision for patient portals and the importance of “seeing beyond Meaningful Use.”

ZirMed Partners with Precyse for Physician Office ICD-10 Education

Together, ZirMed and Precyse University will offer a unique, comprehensive ICD-10 education program—designed specifically for ambulatory and physician offices.

Challenge: Reduce Denials

Struggling with denials? Find out the most common errors that result in claims denials—and get recommendations to help you eliminate them.

ZirMed’s Betty Gomez shares ICD-10 tips with Becker’s ASC Review

In this interview, Betty joins three other billing and coding experts to offer advice on how ASCs can minimize ICD-10-related denials and prepare for the unique challenge of supporting ICD-10 codes while continuing to be reimbursed based on CPT codes.

Buffalo Wheelchair

“Another company promised us the same capabilities at a lower price. They couldn’t deliver on that promise. A month after we switched, we came back to ZirMed.”

Universal Software Solutions

In 2007, Universal Software Solutions, Inc. wanted to expand their offerings with advanced solutions that would be great for today and ready for the future—without having to reinvent the wheel.

Friday Favs – March 7, 2014

We’re excited to spring forward into the month of March! Here’s a roundup of this week’s top stories.

It’s Time for Testing!

Did you know that March 3-7 is ICD-10 testing week with Medicare Administrator Contractors (MAC)? Of course, testing with MACs is just one component of readiness…

Are you Ready for Consumerized Patients?

The scene is increasingly common: A doctor tells a patient it’s time to draw blood for a test and is met with questions — Does my insurance cover this? Either way, how much will it cost?

ZirMed Outperforms Competition with Dramatically Lower Ambulatory Surgery Center Denial Rates in 10 Most Challenging States

ZirMed Attributes Low Denial Rates to Improved Workflow Enabled by Modern, Flexible Platform and Power of the ZirMed Network.

Coding Tools Data Sheet

Accurate coding is critical to getting paid quickly and fully—and it never ceases to be challenging.

ICD-10 Monitor: Talk-Ten-Tuesday at HIMSS14

ZirMed’s Betty Gomez on why ZirMed is in an ideal position to help providers with their ICD-10 transition.

Friday Favs – February 28, 2014

We’re still recovering from the #HIMSSSanity in Orlando, but there’s a lot of great highlights to recap in health IT this week specifically around ICD-10.

HIMSS14 Recap

What a busy week in Orlando! We had a lot of great meetings with healthcare professionals, reporters, partners, and analysts.

8 Tips to Help With the ICD-10 Transition

Despite a crowd of over 38,000 attendees, MedPage Today managed to track down several of the leading experts on coding and billing at HIMSS14—including ZirMed’s Betty Gomez—and ask them for their top tips on preparing for ICD-10.

HITECH Answers highlights ZirMed’s debut of the ZirMed Workcenter at HIMSS

For those attending HIMSS14—and those tracking the event from afar—HITECH Answers is providing an online guide to the exciting new features and solutions that companies are introducing at the conference this year. ZirMed—and the new ZirMed Workcenter—are at the top of the list.

ZirMed’s Director of Partner Sales is also ZirMed’s official skydiver.

This week we’re excited to feature Mary Hardy in our first-ever Employee Spotlight. If you’re curious about the photo, wonder no more: Mary is ZirMed’s official designated skydiver.

Testing Is the Key to ICD‐10 Readiness‐and Contingency Planning

We’re entering the heart of the ICD‐10 testing period. Whether your organization is well into the process or just beginning it, now is the time to assess your testing plan to ensure that it’s comprehensive‐and that you’re ready to incorporate the results into your contingency planning […]

Just in time for the February 28th PQRS deadlines—CMS releases new PQRS tracking tool

Did you know that February 28 is the last day to submit 2013 PQRS data through the EHR reporting methods? It is—and it’s the deadline for other incentive-related aspects of PQRS as well. Now there’s a new CMS resource to help you keep track of all the upcoming PQRS deadlines.

ICD-10 Planning Strategies: How Your Vendors Can—and Should—Help

Ken Edwards, ZirMed’s VP of Operations, discusses how to gauge your vendors’ readiness for ICD-10, what they can do to help you transition, and where ZirMed stands today.

5 Ideas to Avoid Claim Denials & Keep ASC Revenue Cycles Efficient Through ICD-10

Here are five key ideas to make ambulatory surgery center revenue cycle management better.

Friday Favs – February 21, 2014

One week to go until HIMSS, and February is flying by. This week in the news…

The Final Countdown to HIMSS14

With HIMSS just around the corner, we’re excited about the many events and activities that we have going at the show.

Billing Services

See how ZirMed helps you differentiate your company from competitors with value-added services that increase efficiency and ease the burden of regulatory challenges for your customers.

Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Find out how ZirMed can help you control costs and boost efficiency in the face of competitive and reimbursement pressures.

Friday Favs – February 14, 2014

We hope you have a sweet end to your week with Valentine’s Day, here are a few highlights to catch you up on what’s been happening at ZirMed.

ACOs and How to Succeed in a Value-Based World

On February 27, ZirMed’s Jim Lacy will join nationally recognized ACO expert Dr. Scott Fowler at the 2014 HFMA Dixie Institute to share ideas on how organizations can meet the challenges of value-based healthcare.

ZirMed to Feature Full Schedule of Events and Announcements at HIMSS14

Going to HIMSS? Find out about ZirMed’s exciting lineup for the show—from product announcements and an ICD-10 breakfast briefing to an educational session on using the collections process to enhance patient care and reimbursements.

Client Spotlight: STAR Physical Therapy

We talk with Damon Adelgren of STAR PT about STAR’s approach to patient collections, how it’s succeeding—and why patients like it.

Client Spotlight: How BMI of Texas Reduced Aged Payments by Nearly 50%

We’re always excited to hear how our clients are using our solutions to improve revenue performance, increase patient communication, and grow their business. Bariatric Medical Institute (BMI) of Texas is one such success story.

Cold Calls

Our support team did a great job continuing to serve our clients despite the challenges Mother Nature threw our way this week, and our thoughts are with those who’ve been hit hard by winter weather.

Friday Favs – February 7, 2014

With the Winter Olympics in Sochi underway, we’re also ramping up for a busy month in February with HIMSS14 approaching. Here are some highlights from this week’s news to keep you up to speed.

ICD-10 Testing

ICD-10 testing is the only accurate way to gauge your readiness—and it’s crucial for effective contingency planning. Learn how to approach and leverage these intertwined aspects of ICD-10 preparation.

Friday Favs—January 31st, 2014

We’re excited to kick off the month of February with the Super Bowl. In preparation for this weekend’s events, we’ll check out the instant replay, highlighting this week’s touchdowns. This week on Medical Practice Insider, Doug Fielding, ZirMed vice president of product strategy, suggests ways to score when it comes to Meaningful Use Stage 2 […]

ZirMed Recognized as 2013 Best in KLAS Vendor in KLAS Claims and Clearinghouse Award Segment

Louisville, KY – January 31, 2014 (HIMSS Booth #3913) – ZirMed®, a leading health information connectivity and management solutions company, today announced it was once again ranked Best in KLAS®, recognized as the #1 claims and clearinghouse vendor in the healthcare market.  The 2013 Best in KLAS: Software and Services report recognizes top-scoring healthcare vendors […]

ZirMed Receives #1 Ranked 2013 Best in KLAS Award

We’re thrilled to announce that for the third time, KLAS® has recognized us as a #1 software vendor in the claims and clearinghouse category.

Imagine a World Without Meaningful Use

There’s more to MU than requirements, as ZirMed’s head of product Ric Sinclair explains in this HITECH Answers article.

Meaningful use Stage 2: Seeing beyond compliance

Looking beyond MU2 compliance can help you spot the real value in MU-certified technology, ZirMed’s vice president of product strategy Doug Fielding writes in this Medical Practice Insider blog post.

Navigating Increased Patient Financial Responsibility

The percentage of insured patients who have high-deductible health plans (HDHPs) is set to increase significantly in the coming years—both because more patients are selecting these plans from their available options, and because employers are increasingly offering these plans as the only option available to employees.

Friday Favs – January 24, 2014

Music’s Biggest Night is this Sunday at the Grammys, so we’ve gathered a few must-read articles across the healthcare industry to help you jam into the weekend.

HHS To Strengthen Enforcement Of HIPAA Transaction Rules

Health plans will have until the end of 2015 to get certified for compliance with HIPAA transaction operating rules.

Friday Favs – January 17, 2014

As the end of the week approaches, here’s a few of the must-read articles for you this Friday.

3 Tips to Make the ICD-10 Transition Easier

In a Medical Practice Insider article, Doug Fielding, vice president of product strategy at ZirMed, discusses optimal ways to prepare for the ICD-10 transition.

Patient Payments Data Sheet

ZirMed’s solutions cover all aspects of the patient payment process to ensure that you receive full and prompt payments. Click here for more information.

Friday Favs – January 10, 2014

While temperatures dropped and many parts of the US were experiencing the “polar vortex,” we gathered a list of some of the hottest healthcare topics during the deep freeze.

How to Engage Patients with Early Estimation

Medical News asked ZirMed’s Product Manager, Nate Davis, to discuss how our patient estimation solution works to make patients feel more informed and engaged in the financial side of their healthcare while helping providers get paid faster.

Friday Favs – January 3, 2014

As you ring in the New Year, here are a few essential articles to help jumpstart 2014.

ZirMed Joins WEDI Board of Directors

Betty Gomez, ZirMed’s Head of Regulatory Strategy, to Serve Two-Year Term on WEDI Board; Brings Expertise in Reform, Coding and ICD-10 Readiness.

ICD-10 Preparation in 2014

As we celebrate a new year, it’s a friendly reminder that the ICD-10 deadline is just ten months away.

Scripps Mercy Surgery Pavilion

By using Clinical Link, Scripps has gained a significant competitive advantage.

Billing & Coding Tips for ASCs

As healthcare reform transforms the industry, it has become critical for healthcare organizations of all shapes and sizes to make sure that they are operating under best practices to ensure efficiency and reduce any chance of lost revenue.


ZPay puts comprehensive real-time reporting at your fingertips for all payment transactions. And you can access all payment and patient data from any PC for two years.

Friday Favs – December 20, 2013

As the end to the calendar year approaches, I’ve rounded up a few favorite articles that showcase what’s to come for the healthcare industry in 2014.

ICD-10 GEM May Not Be Flawless

As the ICD-10 deadline nears, practices are growing increasingly concerned about the conversion. In anticipation, we’ve heard many of our clients ask an important question: “is there an automated way to translate ICD-9 codes into their ICD-10 equivalents?”

ZirMed User Conference

In November 2013, the ZirMed team hosted the 2013 User Group at our headquarters in Louisville, KY. Attendees had a chance to collaborate with other ZirMed users in their area and learn from the ZirMed experts as they discussed best practices for managing your revenue cycle with ZirMed.

Where to Turn During the Uncertainty of Competition and Reform

In an article for Executive Insight, ZirMed CFO and Counsel Jim Lacy, explores the impact that competition and reform have had on revenue cycle and how providers can utilize technology to increase operational efficiency.

Friday Favs – December 13, 2013

While you’re trying to avoid the superstitions of Friday the 13th, here’s a roundup of a few of the articles that we found most interesting this week.

Do high deductibles mean high risk for physicians?

As millions more people join the healthcare system in the next few years, the burden to collect money will fall more heavily on the small and solo practitioner—especially as patients are also shouldering more of their own healthcare costs with high deducible insurance plans.

ICD-10 and Post-Acute Setting

This webinar will provide an overview of ICD-10 and its impacts on the Post-Acute setting, including services and facilities such as Home Health, Hospice, Rehab, SNFs, Behavioral Health, Long Term Care Therapies, LTACs, and others.

Preparing for Upcoming Industry Mandates

Learn what the mandates mean and how they apply to you. Hear from our industry experts on why they are important. And discover how to empower yourself with the knowledge and tools for CMS-1500 and electronic enrollment in ERA and EFT with your payers.

ZirMed Named “Large Company of the Year” by Business First

Leading Health Information Connectivity and Management Solutions Company Honored for Outstanding Accomplishments, Record Growth.

2013 WEDI Fall Conference

An on-the-ground report from this year’s WEDI Fall Conference—“The Health IT Tipping Point: Bridging Strategy & Execution”—and an exciting announcement about our own Betty Gomez.

Friday Favs – December 6, 2013

This is the first installment of a series where we’ll share a recap of our favorite industry articles and newsworthy notes from the week.

The New Face of Financial Responsibility: The Patient

With patient financial responsibility steadily increasing, it’s clear that providers need to re-evaluate how they are communicating to patients about the cost of their care.

Open Letter on Advancing Interoperability and Health Information Exchange

ZirMed recently sent an open letter to the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) for Health Information Technology. Reproduced here, the letter focuses on the future of interoperability and HIE, based on current trends in technology and healthcare, and on the regulatory, clinical, and business issues involved.

Three keys to successful RCM in 2014

In the coming year, ICD‐10, new payment models, and HIEs will all impact the revenue cycle of healthcare providers. In his latest article, Jim Lacy, ZirMed’s CFO and General Counsel, covers three big ideas you’ll need to keep on your radar in 2014 if you want your organization to succeed.

Helping ACOs Get A Handle on their Network

Ever since the results of the Pioneer ACO pilot program were first announced back in July, there’s been a lot of debate about whether the current ACO movement is stalling and how ACOs can confront the financial challenges to reduce operational costs.

Welcome to Connections, the official ZirMed blog

It’s a pleasure to welcome our clients, partners, and all visitors to Connections.

I’m excited about this new opportunity for all of us to exchange the insights and opinions that inform our healthcare-focused businesses, practices, and organizations…

ICD-10 and the Physician Office: The Impact on Top Specialties

ZirMed recently partnered with Precyse to provide our clients additional education resources for the transition to ICD-10.

ZirMed ICD-10 Training Essentials

The impact of ICD-10 on the physician office and how to prepare for it.

Implement, Train, and Test

Take decisive steps to integrate ICD-10 codes into your clinical practice—and reap the benefits!

Plan, Organize, and Assess

Now that you have started your ICD-10 implementation plan, we will talk about the first three steps of your transition.

Where Can I Find ICD-10 Help?

In this webinar, you will learn where to find the resources and tools that best suit your needs to help get you started.

Why is ICD-10 Important to My Practice?

This webinar will discuss the impact of ICD-10 to your practice and what you need to do to prepare for success.

ZirMed is Breaking Records in 2013

Did you see our announcement about ZirMed’s growth? Our company has been going above and beyond in 2013, achieving record-breaking growth through the first nine months of the year.

Patient Estimation Reduces Aged Payments, Increases Revenues

Improving revenue performance is a challenge for any provider, and collecting co-pays prior to services can go a long way towards accomplishing that goal. In this Q&A, Sherry Dwyer, MBA, practice administrator, Bariatric Medical Institute of Texas, explains how her office was able to reduce aged payments nearly 50%, improve communication with patients, and grow its business.

ZirMed’s ICD-10 Survival Guide

ZirMed has produced a Provider Survival Guide that will give you step-by-step instructions on what you need to do to achieve readiness.

Betty Gomez to Discuss ICD-10 Risk Mitigation Strategies at WEDI 2013 Fall Conference

On November 19, ZirMed’s Betty Gomez will present on a panel titled “Can ICD-9 and ICD-10 Co-Exist?” at the Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI) 2013 Fall Conference. The panel presentation will include the perspectives of payers, providers, clearinghouses, and other healthcare technology vendors.

ZirMed Wins THINKstrategies’ Best of SaaS Showplace (BoSS) Award

THINKstrategies, Inc., the leading strategic consulting company focused on the business implications of the Cloud Computing services market, announced today that ZirMed, a leading health information connectivity and management solutions company, has been named a winner of the Best of SaaS Showplace (BoSS) Award. This program promotes the measurable business benefits delivered by today’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions.

Payment Card Industry Data Security

Because ZirMed has passed the most rigorous PCI DSS validation process, providers using ZirMed to process credit cards minimize their risks while still offering this invaluable payment option to their patients.

Business First: For ZirMed, 2013 has been a good year

Business First reporter David A. Mann covers ZirMed’s performance over the first nine months of 2013 in the publication’s “Healthcare Inc.” section.

Patient Estimation—Critical to patient satisfaction and your imaging practice’s bottom line

With healthcare reform and the rise of high-deductible health plans (HDHPs), the financial viability of your practice will increasingly depend on your ability to get paid directly and consistently by your patients. Learn how to collect more from patients—and spend less time and money doing it—with these best practices and helpful tips from ZirMed’s own Kim Labow.

ZirMed Announces Record Momentum, Company Growth in 2013

ZirMed® today announced that it has achieved record 30% growth through the first nine months of 2013. The company has signed over 900 new customers this year—including John Muir Health, Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, and Holston Medical Group—and has processed over 2.2 billion transactions on its leading health information connectivity and management platform.

4 Current Billing & Coding Issues for ASCs From Michael Orseno of Regent Surgical Health

Michael Orseno, revenue cycle director at Regent Surgical Health, shares four important billing and coding issues for ambulatory surgery centers to consider and master, in order to operate under best practices and minimize the chance of any lost revenue.

Using the Revenue Cycle to Contain Costs

From the ACA to ICD-10 to the continuing saga of Meaningful Use, every provider organization is trying to optimize resources and focus on succeeding at a time when the ground is shifting under their feet. In this article, ZirMed’s CFO, Jim Lacy, offers ways to optimally allocate your organization’s resources with revenue cycle management best practices.

One year to go, are you ready for ICD-10?

With the ICD-10 deadline just one year away, providers are in various levels of readiness, from completely unprepared to organized and on-track. To determine where you fall on the continuum and what you should do to be ready, Betty Gomez, ZirMed’s Director of Regulatory Strategy, recommends these top tips and tricks.

ICD-10 GEM May Not be Flawless, But It’s Still Highly Valuable

Chris Schremser, ZirMed’s Chief Technology Officer, IT Enterprise Infrastructure, explains why you’ll need a good ICD-10 General Equivalent Mapping (GEM) tool—also known as a crosswalk tool—and why it can’t replace the need to learn the new codes and use careful, informed diagnostic judgment in the coding process.

Black Book™ ranks ZirMed #1 for Large Hospitals and Academic Medical Centers

Revenue Cycle Management Muscles Atop Hospital Priorities As C-suites Wrangle With 2014 Budgets, Black Book Survey Reports.

ZirMed Announces Comprehensive ICD-10 Strategy; Company to Offer Educational Resources, Mapping Tools and Training Solutions

Company Committed to Maintain and Improve Higher than 98% Average First-Pass Claims Acceptance Rate Through ICD-10; Robust, Proactive Approach Demonstrates Commitment to Client Base.

Getting Ready for ICD-10

The switch from ICD-9 to ICD-10 code sets is approaching, and the impact will be substantial. ZirMed understands the challenges and is helping our clients be prepared.

Enterprise Intelligence

ZirMed’s Enterprise Platform empowers your organization to prosper in the healthcare marketplace of tomorrow by connecting communities, enabling actionable insights, and driving market-leading profitability.

Enterprise Profitability

ZirMed’s Enterprise Platform empowers your organization to prosper in the healthcare marketplace of tomorrow by connecting communities, enabling actionable insights, and driving market-leading profitability.

Achieving Meaningful Use Stage 2

ZirMed’s suite of patient and provider communication tools help practices meet MU2 requirements in support of EHR readiness.

ICD-10 Training

Get a one-stop solution for successful migration to ICD-10 in your coding and clinical care while realizing the privileges of sustained reimbursement levels, improved outcome indicators and fewer claims denials.

Maximizing Medicare Reimbursements White Paper

Within the next two years, the US Department of Treasury forecasts that 14 million HSA policies will cover approximately 25-30 million Americans. Included in this whitepaper are implications of increasing patient responsibility, collections best practices, and collections and internal control solutions.

Rapid Assurance Implementation Process

ZirMed Rapid Assurance implementation process makes your transition to the industry’s leading revenue cycle management solution as seamless and as simple as possible.

Support and Training Center

ZirMed’s Support & Training Center will make asking questions and finding answers easier than ever. You’ll have access to over a thousand helpful articles, user guides, videos, and training webinars.

Analytics Data Sheet

ZirMed’s enterprise—and practice—level analytics solutions provide insight into operational and financial performance, keep track of timely metrics, and deliver actionable information to help drive the decisions that move your organization forward.

Clinical Link Data Sheet

Our Clinical Link solution goes beyond allowing your office to electronically send/receive virtually any clinical document. Bring valuable workflow and process management tools straight to your desktop.

Clinical Communication Data Sheet

ZirMed’s secure, cloud-based clinical communications applications make sharing information easier than ever before—and work across every combination of practice management and EHR systems.

Patient Estimation Data Sheet

ZirMed’s innovative Patient Estimation solution gives any provider the ability to estimate patient responsibility before rendering services.

VeraFund Data Sheet

VeraFund is the first service to fully automate this previously tedious and error-prone process. From opening the mail to posting and reconciling payments, VeraFund saves you time and money.

Claims Management – Workers Compensation Data Sheet

ZirMed’s Workers’ Compensation Attachment WorkCenter standardizes the submission workflow—regardless of claim type or state submission requirements.

Claims Management Data Sheet

ZirMed’s Claims Management solutions help healthcare practices like yours close the payment efficiency gap quickly and cost-effectively.

Eligibility Verification Data Sheet

ZirMed’s Eligibility Verification solution provides the flexibility to determine patient coverage (including co-pays, deductibles, inpatient days used, and other pertinent benefit data) and make other payment arrangements available if necessary—prior to rendering services.

Revenue Cycle Management Data Sheet

Our revenue cycle management tools stand out because they’re all data-connected—every time one of the tens of thousands of users on our network gets a remit or their patient makes a payment, we learn a little bit more about how to optimize payer reimbursement and patient payment, and that knowledge is immediately put to work for every one of our clients.

Small Company Overview

ZirMed has delivered modern technology to the healthcare market for more than a decade. We launched the industry’s first cloud-based claims clearinghouse, and have remained dedicated to bringing valuable innovation to healthcare ever since.

Company & Solutions Overview

ZirMed has delivered modern technology to the healthcare market for more than a decade. We launched the industry’s first cloud-based claims clearinghouse, and have remained dedicated to bringing valuable innovation to healthcare ever since.

ZirMed and EHR Integration Services Partner to Provide End-to-End Integration Services for Allscripts and GE Healthcare Customers

ZirMed Announces Second Strategic Partnership to Ensure Seamless Access to its Health Information Connectivity and Management Solutions.

ZirMed and Catch Data Systems Partner to Provide Integration Services for GE Centricity Customers

Catch Data Systems to Deliver Comprehensive Services for Seamless Access to ZirMed’s Health Information Connectivity and Management Solutions.

Get Ready For Mandatory Workers’ Comp EBilling

“Providers who implement eBilling start saving money and time immediately, because there’s no long amortization period to achieve payback—One study found manual claims processing costs to be 55% higher than electronic costs.” Though it focuses on North Carolina, this article by Bobby von Bremen offers valuable information on on electronic billing of Workers’ Compensation claims for those in every state.

Becker’s Hospital Review: How to Increase Patient Engagement and Satisfaction Through Patient Estimation

“How to Increase Patient Engagement and Satisfaction Through Patient Estimation” was written by our own Ric Sinclair. The article speaks to how recent healthcare policy (PPACA) has impacted patient responsibility and has become intertwined with patient satisfaction.

Grasping the network—A first step to ACO financial success

“Grasping the network: A first step to ACO financial success” which was written by our own Doug Fielding. The blog post speaks to how ACOs are making strides in raising the quality of care but having difficulty lowering costs. ZirMed through referral pattern analysis can help identify trends and provide information to help improve the process.

Increasing Patient Payments

Learn about best practices and solutions you can implement to increase patient collections and patient satisfaction

Clinical Link

Learn more about ZirMed’s newest solution that allows providers to send and receive virtually any patient or clinical information with other provider organizations easily and securely.

Overcoming the Obstacles to Collect Patient Responsibility

Learn how creating estimates of patient responsibility can help you increase revenues and reduce bad debt.

Winter Haven Ambulatory Surgical Center

Winter Haven Ambulatory Surgical Center (WHASC) was looking for a way to improve payment process and streamline billing.

Star Physical Therapy

Automated systems that streamline processes, increase accuracy, analyze performance and simplify payment procedures can lessen business maladies and put clinics on the road to a strong, healthy recovery.

Orthopaedic Specialty Group

When Orthopaedic Specialty Group (OSG) expanded their business by bringing DME billing in-house, they did not anticipate the complex labyrinth of insurance claims processing and payment that would be involved. Already suffering from high denial rates, OSG turned to ZirMed for help.

OptiMed Management

OptiMed, a growing medical billing company, needed an interactive solution to help manage their revenue cycle.

Methodist Ambulatory Surgery Center

When Methodist Ambulatory Surgery Center needed a revenue cycle management partner that was simple, user-friendly, and easy to learn.


Learn more about this first-in-the-industry service that fully automates the manual processing of paper based checks.

MedInformatix and Advanced Medical Imaging

A four-office practice is now able to quickly identify claim errors and track payment status, and the front desk can instantly cash checks and accept credit, debit and direct deposits, all thanks to the joint ZirMed and MedInformatix Revenue Solution.

Johns Hopkins Home Care Group

Johns Hopkins Home Care Group was looking for a way to become electronic, up-to-date, and more efficient when they found ZirMed.

Integrated Rehabilitation Group

Integrated Rehabilitation Group’s (IRG) relentless growth placed a heavy strain on most aspects of the group’s business practices, including the manual processing of claims. IRG needed a partner who could reduce the paper clogging IRG’s workflows.

Functional Kids Clinic

Functional Kids Clinic saves substantial time and makes fewer billing errors with ZirMed.

Chesapeake Rehab Equipment

Chesapeake Rehab Equipment finds an all in one revenue cycle management solution in ZirMed to help process their growing volume of complex high dollar claims.

Advanced Medical Imaging

AMI was seeking additional solutions to support and improve understanding of patient responsibilities and collection of balance. With ZirMed’s Patient Estimation AMI Increased point-of-care patient collections by 300% and streamlined processes and improved workflows.

Enhancing Cash Collections & Internal Controls

Prepare for the challenges of Consumer Driven Healthcare Plans and learn how to increase cash flows while minimizing the risk of embezzlement.

3 Keys to Success: Collect More from Patients Without Hurting Satisfaction

Billing and reimbursement has always been difficult for healthcare organizations, but changes in the industry have made things harder than ever.

Countdown to ICD-10: Prepared for Success? Or, Prepared to Fail?

Organizations need to prepare for changes if they are to succeed, or prepare to fail if their efforts fall short of expectations.

HFMA: ZirMed on Overcoming Health System Challenges

ZirMed CFO Jim Lacy discusses how to overcome healthcare system challenges.

Physicians Practice: How Patient Estimation Technology Helps Physician Practices

Getting paid at your medical practice is only going to get harder, our recent PayerView 2013 data revealed. One big reason why: your patients are increasingly responsible for a greater chunk of their medical costs.

mHealthWatch: ZirMed Maps Out Ambitious Agenda with Innovative Solutions

Ric Sinclair, Head of Product at ZirMed, recently connected with mHealthWatch to discuss ZirMed’s impressive growth and lofty goals for the remainder of this year and throughout 2014.

The Wall Street Journal – ZirMed First Pass Claims Acceptance Rates Among Best in Industry

Company Reports 98 Percent Average Acceptance Rates; Attributes Performance to Power of Network and Modern, Flexible Platform.

Part B News: Collect Every Dollar your Practice Deserves

According to the AMA, practices miss $3 million in revenue due to reworked claims…ZirMed’s Betty Gomez weighs in on how ICD-10 will impact this statistic.

2013 Healthcare Informatics 100

Every year Healthcare Informatics ranks the 100 vendors with the highest revenues derived from healthcare IT products and services earned in the U.S. based on revenue information from the previous year. ZirMed is on the HCInformatics 2013 Top 100 List.

ZirMed on Overcoming Health System Challenges

Company Reports 98 Percent Average Acceptance Rates; Attributes Performance to Power of Network and Modern, Flexible Platform

ZirMed First Pass Claims Acceptance Rates Among Best in Industry

Company Reports 98 Percent Average Acceptance Rates; Attributes Performance to Power of Network and Modern, Flexible Platform.

Healthcare Management Technology: ZirMed first pass claims acceptance rates among best in industry

ZirMed, a leading health information connectivity and management solutions company, today announced that the company is consistently achieving a 98 percent or greater running average on its first pass claims acceptance rates. This acceptance rate performance is among the highest in the healthcare industry, where company research found that most practices experience significantly lower rates and according to HFMA’s”HFMA Toolbox: key revenue cycle metrics,” the best practice target rate for clean claims is 97%.

A Louisville Clinic Races to Adapt to the Health Care Overhaul

A Clinic Braces for Change: Patients and caregivers at Family Health Centers in Louisville, Ky., wonder how the Affordable Care Act will affect them. Part I in a series about the new health care law in action.

ZirMed Sponsors 2013 Physicians Practice Technology Survey

The Advance Continues – Which Tools are Your Peers Buying and How are They Using Them?

How automation helps steer the revenue cycle process

While the goal of revenue cycle management remains essentially the same, healthcare reform will make it infinitely more complex.

Fighting For Provider Revenue

ZirMed Client Carrie Moneymaker Advises Providers to be Proactive in Determining Patient Responsibility before Service.

John Muir Health Selects ZirMed’s Health Information Connectivity and Management Solutions

Leading Integrated Health System to Implement ZirMed Technology to Improve Operational and Financial Performance; Will Support Physician Alignment, ACO Initiative.

ADVANCE: John Muir Health Selects ZirMed’s Health Information Connectivity and Management Solutions

ZirMed, a leading health information connectivity and management solutions company, announced in a press release that John Muir Health, a not-for-profit integrated delivery system of physicians, hospitals and other healthcare services, has selected ZirMed’s suite of cloud-based revenue cycle management, clinical communications and analytics tools to enhance its financial and operational performance.

4 Approaches to Promote Customer Satisfaction at ASCs

Ambulatory surgery centers have two main customers outside of the physicians practicing in the center — referring physicians and patients. Great relationships with both of these customers are crucial to an ASC growing and thriving in any community.

ZirMed® debuts patient estimation solution

ZirMed has launched a web-based service that helps providers determine a patient’s financial responsibility prior to providing service or care, according to a press release.

ZirMed® Launches New Patient Estimation Solution

Patient estimation is a critical best practice that enables provider organizations to get paid faster and more accurately, while reducing days in A/R and ultimately improving cash flow.

Revenue Cycle Management Company Launches Patient Estimation Solution

ZirMed’s Patient Estimation solution leverages the company’s national database of healthcare payment information, ZirMed is able to accurately predict patient financial responsibility based on data that is largely already within the ZirMed platform.

ZirMed® Launches Patient Estimation Solution, Leverages Massive Data Network

ZirMed’s Patient Estimation solution reduces the time it takes a provider organization to collect revenue from the typical 120 days to an average of only 30 days.

ZirMed launches new Web tool for health care providers

Louisville-based ZirMed Inc. has launched a new Web-based product, Patient Estimation, which lets health care providers more accurately determine a patient’s financial responsibility prior to receiving care.

ZirMed Launches Patient Estimation Solution, Leverages Massive Data Network for Unmatched Speed and Accuracy

Affordable, Streamlined Implementation Makes Precision Patient Estimation Accessible to Broad Range of Healthcare Organizations for First Time.

ZirMed Adds Industry Marketing Experience with Hire of Kimberly Labow as Vice President of Marketing

ZirMed Adds Industry Marketing Experience with Hire of Kimberly Labow as Vice President of Marketing. Increases focus on thought leadership and industry awareness as ZirMed expands offerings and builds on industry-leading brand.

ZirMed Launches Clinical Link

Nationwide Secure Information Exchange Capabilities for Healthcare Providers. ZirMed Clinical Link holds the promise of connected care, better clinical decisions, and lower costs.

ZirMed Launches Analytics

Product Provides Intelligent Key Performance Indicators and Reports to Manage the Healthcare Revenue Cycle.

ZirMed Announces Update to 2013 Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) Suggested Measures and Monitoring Tool

ZirMed, a leading provider of revenue cycle and information solutions for healthcare, today announced the update to their 2013 Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) solution.

meddigo Partners with ZirMed to Provide Revenue Cycle Solutions to DME Providers

meddigo Inc., an exciting new company providing software solutions to Durable Medical Equipment (DME) providers, announced today that it has selected nationally recognized revenue cycle technology (RCM) provider ZirMed to embed in meddigo software solutions.

ZirMed Showcases Robust Revenue Cycle Technology at Medtrade, MGMA, NAHC and APTA Conferences

ZirMed, a preeminent provider of revenue cycle and information solutions for healthcare providers, will feature its claims management capabilities and other solutions at four upcoming industry conferences.

Delta Health Technologies Partners with ZirMed to Provide Revenue Cycle Solutions to Homecare Providers

Delta Health Technologies, a leader in the homecare software industry for over 40 years, developing specialized solutions and services for homecare, hospice and private duty, today announced that it has selected ZirMed, a nationally recognized provider of revenue management solutions for the healthcare industry, as a preferred business partner.

Industry Veteran Kenneth Willman Joins ZirMed as Vice President of Payer Solutions and Strategy

Willman to Drive Efficient and Effective Payer Interaction for Streamlined Reimbursements.

ZirMed’s SaaS Solution Earns EHNAC HNAP Certification

Accreditation Supports the Optimal Performance and Security of the ZirMed Platform – Company Offers Robust Reimbursement, Patient Payment, and Business Solutions.

ZirMed Recognized as Top 100 Company by Healthcare Informatics

ZirMed appears on Top 100 list for 6th year in a row.

Recondo Technology Announces General Availability of ZPay

Recondo Technology announces the addition of credit card and check processing to its existing suite of healthcare revenue cycle solutions. Recondo is partnering with ZirMed Inc., to deliver this solution.

ZirMed Introduces VeraFund

Latest Innovation Brings Together Transaction Processing and Workflow Automation To Eliminate Paper-based Payments in Healthcare.

Ken Edwards Joins Zirmed as Vice President of Operations

Industry veteran, Ken Edwards, joins ZirMed executive team.

ZirMed Partners with Altex Business Solutions to Offer Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

Medical practices will benefit from Altex’s sales and support of EMR/EHR and practice management software combined with ZirMed’s end-to-end billing and payment services suite.

ZirMed Recognized as Top Direct Vendor in KLAS Ambulatory Clearinghouse Report

Study Shows 100% of ZirMed Clients Would Purchase Solution Again.

ZirMed Announces New Vice President of Sales

Healthcare IT Industry Veteran, Kent Rowe, to lead ZirMed Sales Efforts.

ZirMed Introduces Industry’s First Message Simplification of Payer Rejection Reponses

SimpleResponse technology streamlines workflows, eliminates errors, and speeds reimbursement.

ZirMed Announces Expansion of Industry Leading Patient Payment Financial Suite

Company unveils healthcare industry’s first patient payment developer kit at national Medical Group Management Association tradeshow.

ZirMed Announces Partnership with HEALTHCAREfirst to Offer Complete Revenue Cycle Management Solution at 30th Annual National Association for Homecare and Hospice Exposition

ZirMed, a leading provider of revenue cycle management solutions for healthcare providers, today announced their recent partnership with HEALTHCAREfirst, the industry’s leading provider of web-based management software, outsource services and consultation exclusively for Home Health Care and Hospice Care agencies.

Quixote Partners with ZirMed to Offer Complete Revenue Cycle Management Solutions to Chiropractic Healthcare Clinics

Quixote, provider of business practice management software to hundreds of chiropractors throughout the U.S., has announced a partnership with ZirMed, a leading provider of revenue cycle management solutions for healthcare providers.

ZirMed and Stockell Healthcare Systems Announce Partnership to Provide End-to-End Revenue Cycle Solutions to Hospital Market

Automated, Integrated Solution Greatly Reduces the Need for Manual Claims Scrubbing.

ZirMed Ranked On INC 500/5000 Listing Of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies For Sixth Straight Year

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Company Logs Three-Year Growth of 118%.

Thomas W. Butts Joins ZirMed as CEO

Former GE Healthcare Executive to Lead Louisville-based Revenue Cycle Management Solution Company.

ZirMed Demonstrates Leadership on HIPAA 5010 Readiness

ZirMed actively transmitting claims and receiving electronic remittance advices in HIPAA 5010 format.

ZirMed Recognized as Member of Healthcare Informatics Top 100 for Fifth Consecutive Year

ZirMed, a national provider of revenue cycle management solutions, has been ranked as America’s 79th largest Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) company by revenue in Healthcare Informatics magazine’s 2011 Top 100 listing.

ZirMed Recognized as Member of Healthcare Informatics Top 100 for Fifth Consecutive Year

ZirMed, a national provider of revenue cycle management solutions, has been ranked as America’s 79th largest Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) company by revenue in Healthcare Informatics magazine’s 2011 Top 100 listing.

ZirMed Announces EHNAC 5010 Readiness and Participation in National 5010 Testing Day

ZirMed, a leading provider of revenue cycle management solutions for healthcare providers, announced today that it has been recognized by Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC), an independent, self-governing body which evaluates performance criteria for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), for achieving the requirements of the EHNAC HIPAA 5010 Readiness Assessment Program.

ZirMed Partners with e-MDs to Offer Complete Revenue Cycle Management Solution

e-MD’s Solution Series software combines with ZirMed’s reimbursement and payment solutions to drive more revenue and cost savings for medical practices.

ZirMed Awarded as One of the Fastest Growing Partners at Elavon’s MSP Conference

Leading merchant service provider recognizes ZirMed’s dramatic increase in patient payment volume on behalf of healthcare providers.

ZirMed Receives Highest Score for Online Claims Editing in KLAS Ambulatory Clearinghouse Report

Study shows 100% of ZirMed clients would purchase solution again.

ZirMed, Harmony Healthcare IT Help Teleradiology Services Provider Satisfy “Exploding” Increase In Business

After branching into remote on-demand radiology consulting and business services, St. Paul Radiology turns to revenue cycle and IT specialists to meet demand.

Overview of ZirMed’s Partner Program

At ZirMed, we’re more committed than ever to building a thriving partner network that strengthens your market position, extends your reach, and fuels continued growth for both of us.

Partnering with ZirMed, Inc

The ZirMed Partner Program is designed to help our partners promote a more robust service offering by integrating ZirMed’s solutions.

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