Charge Integrity Solution

Automate the discovery of every missing charge, coding variance, and overcharging risk.

ZirMed’s predictive analytics technology and artificial intelligence (AI) combined with our professional expertise deliver unmatched results.

ZirMed’s Charge Integrity solution on average delivers a 4 to 1 return on investment for hospitals and health systems.

Now you can proactively prevent charge capture leakage, resolve process inefficiencies, improve coding compliance, and ensure the complete integrity of all inpatient and outpatient accounts—and do it all in one easy-to-use cloud-based solution, with no new hardware, locally installed software, IT support, or maintenance needed.

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Patient Engagement

Ideal when you need to:

  • Increase revenue from missed charges
  • Drive higher reimbursement by coding variances
  • Ensure that all costs are captured for Medicare cost reports
  • Mitigate risk from overcharging errors
  • Identify audit concerns before they become problematic

Boost revenue—and pinpoint and fix breakdowns.

Customized to meet the specific needs of your organization, ZirMed Charge Integrity leverages applied mathematics and evidence-based rules to dig deeper than ICD and HCPCS codes and uncover pockets of new revenue hidden in your own data. Proactively manage charge timeliness, fluctuations, composition by patient, and recovery performance—plus revenue and rev code projections.

ZirMed’s powerful proprietary data analytics analyze every element of an account and provide the insights and streamlined workflow you need to pinpoint and fix break-downs—from missed charges and diagnoses to bundling issues and misinterpretations of operative reports—and help you increase your reimbursements substantially.

Powerful features include:

  • In-depth charge analysis
  • Recovery revenue statistics
  • Compliance risk analysis
  • And more

Strengthen revenue integrity across your health system.

Now you can link hospital and physician charge line items—to not only identify missed charges within both data sets, but also proactively identify and resolve disagreements or incongruences that exist before they turn into audit risk, patient satisfaction issues, and denials.”

With Charge Integrity that incorporates both institutional and professional charges, you can:

  • Stamp out missed charges on both the hospital and physician practice side of the house.
  • Prevent coding errors that negatively impact reimbursement and payer-based incentive bonuses.
  • Ensure accurate charge reporting to create appropriate benchmarks for future new value-based reimbursement contracts. 
  • Enhance physician satisfaction.

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So far we’ve uncovered about $10 Million on an annual basis. That’s not the amount we could potentially capture—that’s what we’ve actually collected in additional net revenue.”

Case Study


David Willie, CFO
Yuma Regional Medical Center (YRMC)