Clinical Link

Securely exchange clinical communications, documentation, and referrals–with the click of a button.

Faxes not only waste time and money–they lead to misplaced and hard-to-read paperwork. And standard email doesn’t meet HIPAA requirements.
That’s why you need ZirMed’s Clinical Link solution.

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Clinical Link Solution

Ideal when you’re facing:

  • Inefficiencies in patient referrals
  • The need for HIPAA-compliant physician communications
  • Problems with lost paperwork, poor legibility, and delays associated with faxing and scanning
  • A need to communicate across multiple PM or EHR systems
  • Referral leakage outside your network

Discover the power of ZirMed Clinical Link:

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Electronically send and receive virtually any clinical document–more easily than ever before.

Stop struggling with piles of paper and easily prioritize your work, with a robust, sortable worklist that compiles patients being sent and received for care.

Build your referral network by searching and viewing profiles of other providers–including escriptions of their offices, the services they provide, the patients and insurance they accept, and their affiliations and addresses.

Search, view, and retrieve documents at any time–they’re stored indefinitely for easy access.

Automate task tracking and notes–easily see who’s read the information and whether the document was accepted.

Exchange secure messages with other providers in a HIPAA compliant format that’s automatically recorded and tracked.

And much more!

Clinical Link Solution
  • Exchange referrals and clinical information with other providers–regardless of their PM or EHR systems.
  • Bring valuable workflow and process management tools straight to your desktop.
  • Get all the ease and speed of email while maintaining full HIPAA compliance through secure communications.
  • Get alerts when a digital package is viewed by the recipient; confirm receipt without spending time on the phone.
  • Support for ICD-10’s more detailed clinical documentation requirements.

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To make Clinical Link even more powerful:

Check a patient's eligibility.

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Estimate a patient’s total financial responsibility.

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Securely communicate with your patients, too.

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More Information

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Learn how to exchange virtually any patient or clinical information with other provider organizations easily and securely.

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Electronically send/receive virtually any clinical document—and bring valuable workflow and process management tools straight to your desktop.

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Clinical Communications Data Sheet

Make sharing information easier than ever before—and work across every combination of practice management and EHR systems.

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Scripps Mercy Surgery Pavilion Case Study

By using Clinical Link, Scripps has gained a significant competitive advantage.

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