Contract Management, Modeling and Payment Variance

Conquer the complexity of managing and modeling contracts while ensuring accurate payer reimbursement

Has your vendor subjected your health system to lengthy and cumbersome contract loading and maintenance processes, resulting in lost time and unnecessary expenses?

We get it – we’ve worked with hospitals and health systems that face the same issues. Payer contract modeling places a significant drain on IT resources and can hinder staff’s performance while making system-wide analysis of contract performance nearly impossible.  Even routine analysis of new contract scenarios is cumbersome and time-consuming, placing your health system on unequal footing during payer negotiations, thereby putting reimbursement at risk.

That’s why you need ZirMed’s Contract Performance solution.

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To make Contract Performance even more powerful utilize it with our complementary solutions:

Deploy Contract Management with Charge Integrity – Integration with Contract Management ensures accurate values for prioritization of missing charges for staff follow-up.

Use ZirMed’s Claims Management solution with a 98%+ clean-claims rate to accelerate payer payments and prevent rework that delays AR days.

Reduce costly delays and expensive manual processing by handling all your payer payments in one system. With Remits, you’ll receive all your remits from all payers electronically. And EOB Conversion with Payer Lockbox automatically converts incoming paper checks into electronic payments.

To make Contract Management, Modeling and Payment Variance even more powerful:

Filing claims & collecting payments from commercial & government payers is the financial lifeblood of your healthcare organization. Find out how ZirMed Can Help!

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Automate the discovery of every missing charge, coding variance, and overcharging risk.

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Streamline & automate your entire workflow for faster, more complete payments, lower costs, and higher efficiency.

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