Patient Access Solutions

Get paid up front—while helping your patients.

The power of ZirMed Patient Access solutions starts before or when your patients arrive for appointments. Helping them understand their insurance benefits and their own payment responsibilities ahead of time is not only a valuable service to them—it also helps you collect more of what they owe up front, slashing your billing and collection costs, write-offs, and AR days.

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Ideal when you need to:

  • Improve the accuracy and speed of eligibility checks to reduce denials and costs
  • Decrease bad debt and high collection costs by boosting POS collections and setting up automatic payment plans
  • Improve patient satisfaction with up-front transparency about out-of-pocket costs
  • Speed up patient registration turnaround time
  • Measure staff productivity and effectiveness
  • Uncover hidden pockets of new revenue

Eligibility Verification

Determine patient coverage up front—including co-pays, deductibles, inpatient days used, and other pertinent benefit data—so you can collect payments or make other payment arrangements before rendering services.

  • Eligibility Verification

Patient Estimation

ZirMed Patient Estimation goes beyond checking co-pays to quickly, easily, and accurately estimate total patient payment responsibility before rendering services—so you can collect your money up front or set up payment plans.

Patient Payments

With ZirMed’s Patient Payments application, it’s easy and convenient for your patients to make immediate online payments from paper as well as electronic statements 24 hours a day—while choosing from variety of flexible payment options fit their diverse needs and preferences.

Other Patient Access Solutions

Now you can track your patients’ activity before, during, and after their visits from one centralized location—and create customized dashboard reports that make all of your comprehensive data relevant. Decrease patient registration turnaround time, increase point-of-service collections, and measure staff productivity—while reducing denials, decreasing bad debt, and improving patient satisfaction. ZirMed’s exception-based workflow makes it easy to access real-time benefit information from hundreds of payers, create estimates for both self-pay and insured patients, set up payment plans for patients with high balances to help ensure complete collection, and more.

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