Eligibility Verification

Verify patient insurance coverage and co-pay amounts up front.

Ineligible patient insurance coverage causes more than 75% of all claim rejections and denials by payers.

That’s why you need ZirMed’s Eligibility Verification solution.

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Eligibility Verification Walk-Through Video (3:40)

Ideal when you’re facing:

  • Hassles logging in to multiple payer websites for eligibility information
  • Low point-of-service collections and high patient collection costs
  • Problems with denied claims
  • DME “Same-and-Similar” issues re. new equipment (is it covered?)

Discover the power of ZirMed Eligibility Verification:

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Get customizable, easy-to-read responses and automatic patient information updates.
Enter each patient’s information two ways: directly or by a swipe card.
Check tomorrow’s patients tonight — automatically. Run eligibility inquiries for your next day’s patients overnight based on the scheduling file in your supported practice management system.
Verify patient’s eligibility two ways: Individually or with time-saving batch processing.
Determine patient coverage — including co-pays, deductibles, inpatient days used, and other pertinent benefit data — so you can collect payments or make other payment arrangements before rendering services.

And much more!

Eligibility Solution
  • Increase your cash collection and reimbursements.
  • Reduce the time your staff spends calling, faxing, and searching various payers to verify benefits.
  • Reduce bad debt and slow cash collections from HSA and high-deductible plans.
  • Verify whether the patient is eligible for DME reimbursement by Medicare with the integrated same or similar function.
  • Take credit card, ACH, and cash payments with the click of a button—right from the inquiry—by adding ZirMed’s Patient Payment solution.

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“The ZirMed dashboard enables our staff to address and work rejections the same day so we can handle issues immediately.”

Case StudyPaula Bates, Manager, Revenue Billing Operations Manager

To make Eligibility Verification even more powerful:

Accurately estimate each patient’s full out-of-pocket payment responsibility—before rendering service.

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Work claims more efficiently than ever before with ZirMed’s new Workcenter.

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