Podcast: Denial Management—Take Control Of Your AR

Overcome denial bottlenecks & get your AR back on track by arming your staff with tools they need to effectively prioritize & quickly appeal denials

Podcast: Improving Revenue Integrity With Predictive Analytics

Paul Bradley, PhD, explores the real-world impact predictive analytics has on revenue integrity & charge-capture KPIs

Podcast: Conquering The Search For Hidden Coverage

Overcome denial bottlenecks & get your AR back on track by arming your staff with tools they need to effectively prioritize & quickly appeal denials

Patient Payments FAQ

See the answers frequently asked about our Patient Payments solution & learn more about this dynamic RCM technology

Podcast: Strategies to Improve Denial Management

Learn how key denial-related benchmarks & intuitive technology can improve your denial management & avoidance in this podcast

Podcast: The Patient Collections Challenge

Listen to this podcast to learn ways to overcome the challenges brought about by patient collections & the increasing frequency of HDHPs

Hospital and Physician Practice Revenue Integrity:
Leveraging Predictive Analytics to Ensure Professional Revenue Integrity

In this ebook, learn how your organization can reduce missed revenue opportunities caused by charge capture leakage

7 Strategies to Drive Cash Flow Series Part 2

In this ebook, we’ll cover various strategies for understanding and staffing for your denials, automating denial and appeal management, and more!

7 Strategies to Drive Cash Flow Series Part 1

In this ebook, we’ll cover various strategies for slashing your denial rate such as catching claims that will be denied, zoning in on remits and EOBs and more!

Denial Management By the Numbers

Learn how the challenges of denial management can turn into opportunities in this infographic

Denial Productivity ROI Fact Sheet

Learn step by step how denial management solutions work to save you time for each denial and appeal

Professional Charge Integrity White Paper

Learn about the root causes of charge capture leakage in this white paper

Denials Avoidance Data Sheet

Reduce avoidable write-offs and improve productivity with ZirMed’s Denial Avoidance solution

Value Based Care, Predictive Analytics and Consumerism 3 Trends Impacting Revenue Cycle Management

Ric Sinclair, ZirMed’s VP Product, shares his insights on recent industry trends and how they are impacting RCM. Read the article and listen to the podcast!

Leveraging Predictive Analytics in Revenue Cycle Management

Paul Bradley, ZirMed’s Chief Data Scientist, shares his insights on the growing importance of predictive analytics in revenue cycle management

Hospital and Physician Charge Integrity—The Complete View

Learn how improving charge integrity & maximizing your reimbursement potential can help counteract shrinking hospital margins in this infographic

Stop Losing Revenue Through Improved Payer Contract Management

Learn how you can improve revenue & boost your bottom line through optimized payer contract management, contract modeling, & payment variance in this ebook

The Real Cost of Poor Payer Contract Management

Hospitals & health systems are under constant pressure to grow revenue. Learn how negotiating better terms with payers helps cut losses & boosts the bottom line

The Realities of Patient Payments

The switch to HDHPs has been as tough on patients as it has on providers. Learn how you can facilitate the switch in our ebook—The Realities of Patient Payments

The Rise of Patient Responsibility Infographic


A recent increase in patient responsibility, due to high deductible health plans, increasing premiums, and growing coinsurance, to name a few reasons, often leaves patients with out-of-pocket costs that result in late payments and medical debt. For providers, collecting from patients with unpaid balances or from those who are truly self-pay is not only costly, but can add friction to the patient/provider relationship. Take a best practices approach to managing patient financial responsibility from up-front collection to finding hidden coverage. View the infographic to learn more!

The New Healthcare Consumer: Riding the Sea of Change Infographic


High deductible health plans continue to impact both patients and providers’ financial welfare. As the tide continues, increasing pressures from bad debt, challenging collections and wage to income disparity with continue to grow. Click here to download your copy of the infographic.

RCM eBook

The point of managing your revenue cycle isn’t just to improve revenue and cash flow. It’s to do those things effectively by consistently following best practices— while spending as little time, money, and energy on them as possible.

After all, your primary mission as a practice or healthcare organization isn’t to collect and manage money. You aren’t a bank or a collection agency. Your mission is to provide quality healthcare to your patients, and your RCM activities are supposed to support that mission, not compete with it.

Remember, every unnecessary hour and dollar—and every needless worry and concern—your organization spends on RCM is money, time, and attention that could otherwise be spent on caring for your patients. To learn more about how to focus less on RCM while improving results download our eBook!

Undeniable Challenges—The Reality of Healthcare Claims Denials

Denial management in healthcare continues to be a challenge for providers—in part because the traditional way of working denials is time-consuming, costly, and prone to error. ICD-10 sparked additional denial management-related worries in October of 2015, based on projections that denial rates might increase 100%-200%. Ultimately that didn’t occur (though the CMS grace period may have been an influencing factor)—but nonetheless, denials continue to eat up as much as 3-5% of provider revenue, and according to some projections denial rates for providers trend as high as 20%.

Streamline Your Entire Payer Payment Process

Streamline your entire payer payment process and simplify management of today’s increasingly complex payment models. Click here to download

Learn More About ZirMed’s Support and Services

Learn more about the support and services that have once again made ZirMed Best in KLAS®—for the third consecutive year. Click here to download.

Coding Tools Data Sheet

Accurate coding is critical to getting paid quickly and fully—and it never ceases to be challenging.

Billing Services

See how ZirMed helps you differentiate your company from competitors with value-added services that increase efficiency and ease the burden of regulatory challenges for your customers.

Patient Payments Data Sheet

ZirMed’s solutions cover all aspects of the patient payment process to ensure that you receive full and prompt payments.

Analytics Data Sheet

ZirMed’s enterprise—and practice—level analytics solutions provide insight into operational and financial performance, keep track of timely metrics, and deliver actionable information to help drive the decisions that move your organization forward.

Patient Estimation Data Sheet

ZirMed’s innovative Patient Estimation solution gives any provider the ability to estimate patient responsibility before rendering services.

Claims Management – Workers Compensation Data Sheet

ZirMed’s Workers’ Compensation Attachment WorkCenter standardizes the submission workflow—regardless of claim type or state submission requirements.

Claims Management Data Sheet

ZirMed’s Claims Management solutions help healthcare practices like yours close the payment efficiency gap quickly and cost-effectively.

Eligibility Verification Data Sheet

ZirMed’s Eligibility Verification solution provides the flexibility to determine patient coverage (including co-pays, deductibles, inpatient days used, and other pertinent benefit data) and make other payment arrangements available if necessary—prior to rendering services.

Revenue Cycle Management for Practices Data Sheet

Our revenue cycle management tools stand out because they’re all data-connected—every time one of the tens of thousands of users on our network gets a remit or their patient makes a payment, we learn a little bit more about how to optimize payer reimbursement and patient payment, and that knowledge is immediately put to work for every one of our clients.

Small Format Company Overview

ZirMed has delivered modern technology to the healthcare market for more than a decade. We launched the industry’s first cloud-based claims clearinghouse, and have remained dedicated to bringing valuable innovation to healthcare ever since.