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Decrease your Denials and Increase Claims Efficiency: Secrets from the Pros at Bayada

Bayada Home Health shares strategies & solutions that allowed them to decrease denials to under 4% & raise their clean claim rate to 96.7%

Stop Hospital Revenue Leakage: Identify & Strategize

Learn how hospitals & health systems can reduce the pressure on reimbursement margins by finding & stopping revenue leakage with David Hammer

Win the Revenue Leakage War

David Hammer discusses how organizations can improve financial performance by identifying the causes & locations of revenue leakage

Novant Health

Read how Novant Health identified $7.5M in recoverable net revenue in just 15 months with ZirMed’s HFMA Peer Reviewed Charge Integrity solution.

Time Is Money: Improve Denial Productivity

Get a better understanding of the time & cost involved in managing denials—& how ZirMed can help through automation—in this on-demand webinar

Podcast: Denial Management—Take Control Of Your AR

Overcome denial bottlenecks & get your AR back on track by arming your staff with tools they need to effectively prioritize & quickly appeal denials

Podcast: Improving Revenue Integrity With Predictive Analytics

Paul Bradley, PhD, explores the real-world impact predictive analytics has on revenue integrity & charge-capture KPIs

Podcast: Conquering The Search For Hidden Coverage

Overcome denial bottlenecks & get your AR back on track by arming your staff with tools they need to effectively prioritize & quickly appeal denials

Leveraging Predictive Analytics in the Healthcare Industry

Paul Bradley, Ph.D., Chief Data Scientist at ZirMed discusses the importance of leveraging predictive analytics to navigate today’s ever-shifting healthcare landscape

Patient Payments FAQ

See the answers frequently asked about our Patient Payments solution & learn more about this dynamic RCM technology

Podcast: Strategies to Improve Denial Management

Learn how key denial-related benchmarks & intuitive technology can improve your denial management & avoidance in this podcast

5 Ways to Accelerate Reimbursement

Learn how intelligent claims processing can help you accelerate reimbursement in this ZirMed webinar

Podcast: The Patient Collections Challenge

Listen to this podcast to learn ways to overcome the challenges brought about by patient collections & the increasing frequency of HDHPs

Hospital and Physician Practice Revenue Integrity:
Leveraging Predictive Analytics to Ensure Professional Revenue Integrity

In this ebook, learn how your organization can reduce missed revenue opportunities caused by charge capture leakage

7 Strategies to Drive Cash Flow Series Part 2

In this ebook, we’ll cover various strategies for understanding and staffing for your denials, automating denial and appeal management, and more!

7 Strategies to Drive Cash Flow Series Part 1

In this ebook, we’ll cover various strategies for slashing your denial rate such as catching claims that will be denied, zoning in on remits and EOBs and more!

Denial Management: Take Control of Your AR

Overcome denial bottlenecks & get your AR back on track by arming your staff with tools they need to effectively prioritize & quickly appeal denials

Denial Management By the Numbers

Learn how the challenges of denial management can turn into opportunities in this infographic

Denial Productivity ROI Fact Sheet

Learn step by step how denial management solutions work to save you time for each denial and appeal

Professional Charge Integrity White Paper

Learn about the root causes of charge capture leakage in this white paper

Denials Avoidance Data Sheet

Reduce avoidable write-offs and improve productivity with ZirMed’s Denial Avoidance solution

Value Based Care, Predictive Analytics and Consumerism 3 Trends Impacting Revenue Cycle Management

Ric Sinclair, ZirMed’s VP Product, shares his insights on recent industry trends and how they are impacting RCM. Read the article and listen to the podcast!

Leveraging Predictive Analytics in Revenue Cycle Management

Paul Bradley, ZirMed’s Chief Data Scientist, shares his insights on the growing importance of predictive analytics in revenue cycle management

Leveraging Predictive Analytics in Revenue Cycle Management

Paul Bradley, ZirMed’s Chief Data Scientist, shares his insights on the growing importance of using predictive analytics in revenue cycle management. Read the article and listen to the podcast. Listen Now

Predictive Analytics in Leveraging Revenue Cycle Management

Paul Bradley, ZirMed’s Chief Data Scientist, shares his insights on the growing importance of using predictive analytics in revenue cycle management. Read the article and listen to the podcast.

Hospital and Physician Charge Integrity—The Complete View

Learn how improving charge integrity & maximizing your reimbursement potential can help counteract shrinking hospital margins in this infographic

Secrets of Efficient Payer Payment Automation

Take control of your payer payment process! Learn how an automated payer payment workflow can provide optimal results & give a clear insight into your cash flow

Three Ways To Maximize Contract Performance

Learn how contract management automation can reduce the complexity of contracting, negotiations, & reimbursement while eliminating inaccuracies

Stop Losing Revenue Through Improved Payer Contract Management

Learn how you can improve revenue & boost your bottom line through optimized payer contract management, contract modeling, & payment variance in this ebook

The Real Cost of Poor Payer Contract Management

Hospitals & health systems are under constant pressure to grow revenue. Learn how negotiating better terms with payers helps cut losses & boosts the bottom line

The Realities of Patient Payments

The switch to HDHPs has been as tough on patients as it has on providers. Learn how you can facilitate the switch in our ebook—The Realities of Patient Payments

A Guide to Thriving Under MACRA/MIPS

Join ZirMed to gain an understanding of what the transition to value based care will require & get a road map to start planning & thriving under MACRA/MIPS

Mining Value in Healthcare: Tying Together Physician and Hospital Data

Learn how linking hospital and physician data can help hospitals and health systems avoid missed charges, undercoding, and duplicate or overlapping charges

The Patient Collection Challenge: How to Master Collecting from Self-Pay and Insured Patients

Join us to learn the most effective ways to collect from insured patients and streamline patient collection while decreasing self-pay receivables

Claims Management Solution Overview

Filing claims & collecting payments from commercial & government payers is the financial lifeblood of your healthcare organization.

Powered by insights drawn from our network of hundreds of thousands of providers, ZirMed’s Claims Management solution streamlines & automates your entire workflow for faster, more complete payments, lower costs, & higher efficiency under both Fee for Service (FFS) & Fee for Value (FFV) payment models.

Denial & Appeal Management Overview

Managing denials is time-consuming and complicated. ZirMed’s Denial & Appeal Management platform can help save time and increase efficiency, all while helping you receive the reimbursements that are rightly yours.

Coverage Detection Overview

ZirMed’s Coverage Detection solution empowers you to identify and confirm the details of your patients’ insurance coverage.

Recovering Millions and Ensuring Revenue Integrity

Join Dan Ward to learn how predictive analytics can uncover millions of dollars in opportunity hidden in hospital and health system data

Why Predictive Analytics in Healthcare?

Join Paul Bradley, PhD, to learn how predictive analytics in healthcare can help uncover millions in recoverable cash for health systems

Business Critical in 2017: Your Patient Collections Strategy

Listen in as RCM expert Elizabeth Woodcock illustrates what your organization needs to know to maximize its collection of high deductibles

The Coverage Your Patients Have—That You Don’t Know About

Join us to learn how ZirMed Coverage Detection identifies and verifies active insurance coverage that wasn’t known at the time of service.

The Rise of Patient Responsibility Infographic


A recent increase in patient responsibility, due to high deductible health plans, increasing premiums, and growing coinsurance, to name a few reasons, often leaves patients with out-of-pocket costs that result in late payments and medical debt. For providers, collecting from patients with unpaid balances or from those who are truly self-pay is not only costly, but can add friction to the patient/provider relationship. Take a best practices approach to managing patient financial responsibility from up-front collection to finding hidden coverage. View the infographic to learn more!

The New Healthcare Consumer: Riding the Sea of Change Infographic


High deductible health plans continue to impact both patients and providers’ financial welfare. As the tide continues, increasing pressures from bad debt, challenging collections and wage to income disparity with continue to grow. Click here to download your copy of the infographic.

5 Ways to Stop Wasting Resources on Patient Collections

Join us to learn about new ZirMed Patient Payments enhancements and ensure you are making the best use of resources when collecting from patients

Improving the Healthcare Patient Payment Experience

Join HIMSS speakers Catherine Schulten and Stanley Nachimson to learn how your organization can further improve the patient billing and payment experience

How Predictive Analytics Helps Hospitals Avoid Denials

Join ZirMed’s Ryan Feldt to see how cloud-based software combining data science and predictive analytics is helping hospitals avoid denials

Software Solutions to Improve Your Denial and Appeal Management

Join ZirMed’s Ryan Feldt to learn more about ZirMed’s Denial and Appeal Management and how it can transform your organization’s approach to working denials.

Strategies to Improve Denial Management

Join Judy Monestime to review key denial-related benchmarks and examine ways to improve prospective denial avoidance to improve your denial management workflow

State of the Industry: The Challenges – and Opportunities – That Lie Ahead For Physicians in 2017

Join Elizabeth Woodcock for this in-depth webinar to see the challenges – and opportunities – that lie ahead for physicians in 2017

Front-Office Tech: Eligibility and Patient Estimation

Join Riley Matthews to see modern front-office solutions designed to streamline your front-office workflow in action

Moving from Denial Management to Denial Avoidance – The Role of CDI

Join Glenn Krauss to deepen your understanding of CDI’s role in the revenue cycle and learn practical strategies to apply these insights into daily work

Front-Desk Checkup: First Impressions, Fast Collections

Join Susan Childs to explore departmental relationships and challenges including clinical issues and review financial collections expectations and strategies

Looking Ahead at MIPS

Join ZirMed’s Holly Taylor to learn best practices to increase your bonus potential, avoid penalties, and steps to ensure the success of your organization with MIPS

Revamp and Improve RCM: Revenue Cycle Strategies to Help Your Practice Thrive

In this webinar with Susan Childs, FACMPE, we will explore strategies to rapidly transition into a new era of revenue cycle management.

Government Incentives: The Changing Reimbursement Landscape

Join nationally recognized speaker Elizabeth Woodcock to identify the actions your practice needs to take this fall in order to qualify, participate, and get paid under MIPS.

Managing Healthcare Data Sets: A Data-Governance Primer

James E. Gaston, HIMSS Analytics’ Sr. Director of Maturity Models, presents insights on managing data and rightsizing data governance based on your organization size, market, and strategic roadmap.

RCM eBook

The point of managing your revenue cycle isn’t just to improve revenue and cash flow. It’s to do those things effectively by consistently following best practices— while spending as little time, money, and energy on them as possible.

After all, your primary mission as a practice or healthcare organization isn’t to collect and manage money. You aren’t a bank or a collection agency. Your mission is to provide quality healthcare to your patients, and your RCM activities are supposed to support that mission, not compete with it.

Remember, every unnecessary hour and dollar—and every needless worry and concern—your organization spends on RCM is money, time, and attention that could otherwise be spent on caring for your patients. To learn more about how to focus less on RCM while improving results download our eBook!

Denial Management: 10 Tested Techniques That Get Claims Paid

National speaker and practice management expert Elizabeth Woodcock shows you how to dig into the causes of claim denials in your practice and drastically reduce lost revenue.

Undeniable Challenges—The Reality of Healthcare Claims Denials

Denial management in healthcare continues to be a challenge for providers—in part because the traditional way of working denials is time-consuming, costly, and prone to error. ICD-10 sparked additional denial management-related worries in October of 2015, based on projections that denial rates might increase 100%-200%. Ultimately that didn’t occur (though the CMS grace period may have been an influencing factor)—but nonetheless, denials continue to eat up as much as 3-5% of provider revenue, and according to some projections denial rates for providers trend as high as 20%.

Revenue Cycle Management: Costs and ROI

As a provider, if you had the opportunity to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your Revenue Cycle Management system in the biggest possible way while exerting the smallest amount of effort, you’d jump at it, right?

Well, great news! That can be accomplished as long as you know where your efforts will have the highest payoffs. In other words, know exactly where you are spending the most amount of money trying to get payments from both patients and payers.

Read more to find out three ways to best identify where attempting to get paid is costing the most money.

Speed Up Patient Revenue

Join ZirMed Product Education Specialist Sam Lombardo to learn how fast and easy it can be to increase patient revenue , streamline workflow, increase staff productivity, and improve results.

Introduction to Denial & Appeal Management

ZirMed’s Denial & Appeal Management solution provides a streamlined, results-focused workflow for managing denials—and delivers the insights you need to make sustainable reductions in your overall denial rate.
This webinar will discuss how ZirMed’s business analytic platform can help organizations gain insight to help optimize revenue cycle processes by reducing denials and rejected claims.

Denials Deconstructed: Getting Your Claims Paid

Getting paid what your physician deserves—that’s the goal of every biller. Yet even for the best billers, achieving that success can be elusive when denials stand in the way of success, presenting challenges at every turn. Denials aren’t going away, but you can learn techniques to manage and even prevent them.

Effective Denial and Appeal Strategies

Getting paid what your physician deserves—that’s the goal of every biller. Yet, this can become challenging when 15 to 20 percent of gross charges are denied. Denied claims are a costly industry-wide challenge and can stand in the way of success. 90% of denials are preventable and 65% are recoverable. In this session, national healthcare consultant Dr. Deborah Walker Keegan shares best practices in claim denial prevention and management

Denials Deconstructed Webinar

Getting paid what your physician deserves—that’s the goal of every biller. Yet even for the best billers, achieving that success can be elusive when denials stand in the way of success, presenting challenges at every turn. Denials aren’t going away, but you can learn techniques to manage and even prevent them. Join practice management expert […]

Consolidated Health Services

Previously, Consolidated Health Services’ collectors were forced to work from aging reports because their service platform doesn’t allow zero-pay transactions to be posted. “With ZirMed, we’ve been able to bring together our collectors’ work from multiple accounts and multiple payers into a single place,” said Donald Hoskins, Revenue Cycle Support Manager.

“Denial & Appeal Management gives us line of sight to each work queue, which makes us much more efficient. For the first time ever, we can see denials quickly
and get to work on them right away.” By helping the company’s collectors monitor their own results, ZirMed has empowered them to get ahead of their AR.

Baptist Health

Baptist Health is the largest not-for- profit health system in Kentucky, with seven hospitals, over 250 outpatient facilities, and a comprehensive physician network. Its affiliate, Baptist Health Medical Group (BHMG), brings together over 800 of Baptist Health’s providers into one physician-led multi-speciality network.

Read how ZirMed solutions helped Baptist Health save over $250k annually in recurring operating costs, improve first-pass clean-claims rate by 13%, and more!

Educate, Connect, Collect: Strategies to Handle High Deductible Health Plans

Join national healthcare consultant and best-selling author Deborah Walker Keegan, PhD, FACMPE for a webinar on how to measure and structure a model that strengthens your revenue cycle performance and maximizes the ability of staff to positively impact the bottom line

Planning, Launching, and Advancing Your Analytics Program

James E. Gaston, HIMSS Analytics’ Senior Director of Maturity Models, explains what healthcare analytics is, how it matures in an organization, and how to empower data-driven decision making across departments and business units in this on-demand webinar.

Revenue Cycle Staffing to Improve your Bottom Line

Join national healthcare consultant and best-selling author Deborah Walker Keegan, PhD, FACMPE for a webinar on how to measure and structure a model that strengthens your revenue cycle performance and maximizes the ability of staff to positively impact the bottom line

Improving Results through Revenue Cycle Transparency

In this webinar, Kittie Smith of Baptist Health Medical Group will share strategies, solutions, and actionable advice on leveraging front- and back-office technology to create a more transparent revenue cycle. She’ll also discuss the results they’ve achieved—including a 2.3X increase in patient collections.

Best Practices for Increasing Patient Collections

Join ZirMed Product Manager Jay Garmon and Knoxville Orthopaedic Surgery Center’s Teresa Copeland for an in-depth look into ZirMed applications applications that will help you, accommodate the ever-rising amount of patient self-pay, accurately estimate total patient financial responsibility up front—then collect it before you provide service, quickly and easily set up automated payment plans for patients who can’t pay their full responsibility immediately, and collect post-visit patient payments more easily and reduce bad-debt write offs

Cleaner Claims through Cloud-Based Technology

In this webinar, Betsy Nicoletti will enable participants to, assess the adequacy of claim submission tools currently used in their practice, describe key indicators in denial reports that show exactly where and how they can get “the most bang for their buck” through process improvements, identify payment variance between the amount paid on a claim and the amount owed under the appropriate payer contract

12 Tactics To Optimize Patient Collections

In this webinar, you’ll learn what you and your team need to do to maximize your patient collections performance. Discover how pre-visit processes can improve collections and how you can improve point of service collections. Learn practical tips to collecting after time of service, and benefit from real-world advice on how to hold your collection agency accountable.

Payer Payments: How to Achieve Faster, More Accurate Bank Reconciliation

Join ZirMed Product Manager Renee Netherton and industry expert Andrew Christman to learn how fast and easy it can be to automate bank reconciliation, streamline workflow, and empower your AR team to significantly reduce redundancy, increase staff productivity, and improve results—even if you use multiple systems.

Cash Acceleration and Payment Posting

Accuracy & timeliness in cash management and payment posting may be the most overlooked metrics in the business office today—and they remain two of the most underrated opportunities for improvement. Join nationally recognized RCM expert Elizabeth Woodcock for a clear-eyed look at the process of cash management and payment posting—and learn how to optimize this process within your own organization.

In this webinar, ZirMed group product manager Dustin Hamilton will provide real-world, actionable guidance designed to help you manage and conquer RCM challenges in 2016 and beyond—so you transform your organization’s financial performance and chart your course to continued success!

Louisville Orthopaedic Clinic and Sports Rehabilitation Center

Learn how Louisville Orthopaedic Clinic and Sports Rehabilitation Center increased revenue, lowered collection costs, reduced AR days and more by using the ZirMed Patient Estimation solution.

ZirMed Partner Forum Video

The ZirMed Partner Forum offers you a unique opportunity to connect with peers from fellow companies that partner with ZirMed—then share common challenges and collaborate to discover new ideas and solutions.

Highlights From Zug 15

This year we took ZUG to Chicago—and everyone agreed it was better than ever! With over 150 registered attendees, this was also the largest ZUG (ZirMed User Group) to date. Check out some of the highlights!

Patient Responsibility Video

Today, patients owe more money out of pocket than ever before—and their share of financial responsibility for their healthcare continues to grow with the rise of high-deductible health plans. That makes the nearly 50% of patient responsibility that typically ends up written off as bad debt a direct threat to your organization’s financial viability.

To learn more about ZirMed’s Patient Responsibility solution, click here.

ZirMed Charge Integrity

ZirMed’s Charge Integrity solution on average delivers a 4 to 1 return on investment for hospitals and health systems.

To learn more about ZirMed’s Charge Integrity solution, click here.

Bariatric Medical Institute of TX

Learn how Bariatric Medical Institute of TX reduced denial rates, cut AR days, and increased clean claims rates by using ZirMed.

Reform Your RCM: Best Practices and Beyond

Healthcare continues to buzz with new strategies related to the pre-visit, time-of-service, and post-visit collection processes, as well as best practices for denial management. While these are no doubt important, they don’t always empower you to be proactive rather than reactive—and staying ahead of the curve is imperative in the ever-changing world of healthcare.

In this webinar, ZirMed group product manager Dustin Hamilton will provide real-world, actionable guidance designed to help you manage and conquer RCM challenges in 2016 and beyond—so you transform your organization’s financial performance and chart your course to continued success!

Best Practices in Revenue Cycle Management

2016 brings a host of challenges in revenue cycle management. Health care reform, high deductibles, and the uninsured are all having an impact on your revenue cycle. To help you with these challenges, this fast-paced and succinct session will focus on ten proven ways to enhance your revenue cycle.

Patient Payments Demo

Patient Payments puts comprehensive real-time reporting at your fingertips for all payment transactions.

Naugatuck Valley Radiology

Read how ZirMed solutions helped Naugatuck Valley Radiology collect more money up front, streamline claims submissions, and more!

Using Business Analytics to Optimize Revenue Cycle Processes

Identifying key performance indicators is not a trivial task. KPIs are tied to the goals of the organization and determine their performance by showing trends to demonstrate the improvements that are being made over time. Focused business analytical applications can help your organization reach business goals.

This webinar will discuss how ZirMed’s business analytic platform can help organizations gain insight to help optimize revenue cycle processes by reducing denials and rejected claims.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Keeping a Pulse on Your Practice Operations

You’re already an expert at evaluating your practice’s revenue cycle and financial position using comparisons to industry normative data. But what about your practice’s operations? Practice operations must take a front seat in this competitive environment, and it pays to develop a tool to help define a strategy for performance improvement.

Evaluate the Impact of ICD-10

ICD-10 has been live for 22 days. How has it impacted your practice, and how do you monitor and measure the impact? In this latest webinar in ZirMed’s ICD-10 series, Crystal Ewing will explore key tips and tricks to effectively evaluate the impact of ICD-10 on your organization. Learn transition strategies that will help you pinpoint and mitigate any negative impact and identify key areas to monitor post-go-live.

Strategies for Handling the Increase in Patient Responsibility

Health plans with high deductibles are the fastest growing type of health insurance in the United States. In 2015, HDHPs made up 85% of all plans sold on the ACA’s health insurance exchanges. As a result, your patients’ share of financial responsibility continues to increase—and your organization’s financial performance depends on your ability to collect it.

Reduce Financial Risk: Tips for Front Office Survival

Your front office staff are the visible face of your practice—and they’re also one of the keys to clean claims. Reduce financial risk by staffing the front office with the right staff doing the right things—and using the right tools and strategies to optimize telephone communications, scheduling, registration, patient financial clearance, and time-of-service payments. By doing work right the first time, you can avoid claim denials and revenue delays for your practice.

Everything’s Different; Nothing has Changed

Now that ICD-10 is here, we can finally set aside the lingering debate about whether the change would occur in our lifetimes—or ever. We can begin to see the pay-off of months and years of training and preparation—and we can look forward to fewer articles about “truly bizarre” ICD-10 codes.

Predictive modeling and the elusive 1–2 percent

Amidst the multiple major changes occurring in healthcare today, there is a persistent theme across conversations in healthcare boardrooms and executive offices:

“We know we’re leaving money on the table.”

To say there are dozens of instances when hospitals are uncompensated or underpaid for the care they provide is laughable. There are thousands.

These opportunities are scattered across millions of claims and tens of millions of potentially relevant patient-, procedure-, and provider-level data points. The only way to uncover them is through data-mining and predictive analytics – and it is increasingly vital that they be uncovered.

For hospitals, these hidden opportunities translate to millions of dollars a year – in the realm of charge-capture alone, hospitals on average leave 1–2 percent of net revenue on the table. Yet even the traditional processes for preventing and capturing more of this net revenue can drive up costs – and are almost impossible to optimize without machine-learning and predictive modeling.

Maximizing the value of ICD-10

This is a moment in healthcare when we are laying the foundation for new capabilities, new precision, and new operational enhancements for healthcare organizations. If you embrace it–and if you lead your team to focus on maximizing the benefits of it–you will also be keeping your organization on the crest of the key major changes taking place in healthcare today.

Payer Payments: Reducing Paper and Streamlining Payment Posting

Collecting payments from insurers can be tedious and frustrating. Time-consuming manual workflows cause slowdowns and delays in the collection process while increasing staffing costs and the risk of human error. Yet inadequate automated methods can create issues as well, especially when they involve multiple systems.

ZirMed Offers Top 5 Tips as Providers Transition to ICD-10

LOUISVILLE, Ky., Sept. 24, 2015/PRNewswire/ — ZirMed®, which empowers healthcare organizations to optimize revenue and population health with the nation’s only comprehensive end-to-end platform of cloud-based financial and clinical performance management solutions, announced a top-five list of strategies to help ease providers through the impending transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10. Based on its experience conducting end-to-end testing […]

ICD9 to ICD10 Transition Tips

The path to transitioning to ICD-10 to minimize practice disruptions and claim denials will not be easy. Check out our nine tips below!

New Reimbursement Models in a Value-Based World

As we transition from payment-for-volume to payment-for-value, we need to go beyond the traditional claims and statements process. The financial engagement of patients in today’s health plans also requires a new focus on front-end billing, to include price estimation tools, patient financial clearance, and time-of-service collections.

ICD-10: Planning the Final Steps

ICD-10 will be here soon! Join ICD-10 expert Crystal Ewing and learn how to prepare for the last steps of implementation.

Formulating Your ICD-10 Denial Management Strategy

Denials are expected to surge after ICD-10 goes live in less than two months. That makes it crucial to get your denial management strategy ready for action before October 1. Join speaker Elizabeth W. Woodcock, MBA, FACMPE, CPC for an energetic program dedicated to ensuring that your practice is prepared for the inevitable.

Speed Up Patient Revenue

High-deductible health plans place a significant burden on medical practices that now must work to simultaneously optimize revenue from both payers and patients. Attend this session to learn how to speed up patient payments and learn best practices in:

Time-of-service collections—what and how to collect from patients
The patient collections cycle—how to reduce time to collections and reduce the cost of patient collections; and
New payment models—such as on-line bill pay, text message reminders, and credit card-on-file to optimize patient collection performance.

Worker’s Compensation Made Easy: How to get paid faster and reduce costs

Manual processing of workers’ compensation and auto claims is slow, time-consuming, frustrating—and expensive. Workers’ Compensation rules make it harder to streamline your workflow across insurance lines when you’re using paper. Paper billing negatively impacts your cash flow due to receivable delays. And manual processing costs are typically 55% higher than electronic costs.

That’s why filing electronically can result in an average yearly saving of $23,126 per physician.

Newton Family Physicians, P.A

Read how Newton Family Physicians, P.A improved operational processes, enhanced revenue management, reduced errors in billing and payments, and more!

On Track for ICD-10 Success?

The ICD-10 go-live date is less than 3 months away! Are you ready? ZirMed can help. Join us for a real-world look at the 6 steps to readiness—to make sure you’re on track.

ICD-10 Testing: Our Plan for Your Success

Join us to learn about ZirMed’s ICD-10 testing initiatives, including how the process works for ZirMed clients and the best practices for test claim creation using ZirMed’s platform and solutions. Learn how to ensure you get the maximum value and greatest possible level of detail from testing with public and commercial payers—and gain insight into what to expect (and what to watch out for) when it comes to ICD-10 testing in the months leading up to go-live.

Yuma Regional Medical Center

Read how Yuma Regional Medical Center increased annual net revenue by $10 million using ZirMed’s charge integrity solution.

Pediatric Associates

Read how Pediatric Associates streamlined front and back-office operations, reduced AR days to <16 and nearly eliminated claims rejections by partnering with ZirMed and TriMed Technologies.

ATS Medical Services and Staffing

Read about how ATS Medical Services and Staffing was able to increase their average net receipt for ambulance transport from $265 to $301, reduce billing lag time, and achieve a 99.4% claim rate with ZirMed’s solutions.

Creating an Effective Appeal Webinar

Once an insurance company denies payment on your claim, you have two choices: write it off—or fight to get paid! While we don’t recommend getting into a fistfight, debating a payment decision is like preparing for battle.

Join practice management expert Elizabeth W. Woodcock, MBA, FACMPE, CPC, to:

Discover proven techniques to effectively appeal denied claims
Recognize strategies to ensure that denials get reversed
Determine best practice staffing techniques for appeal management
Ensure that you get paid what you deserve!

ZirMed Expands Denial Management Solution with Robust Appeals Capabilities

Company Adds to its Proven Denials Management Technology to Deliver a Comprehensive Solution that Enables Healthcare Organizations of All Sizes to Prevent and Recover Denials Louisville, KY – June 22, 2015 – (HFMA ANI Booth #417) – ZirMed®, the premier cloud-based enterprise financial and clinical performance management provider for healthcare, today unveiled it is launching […]

Winter Haven Ambulatory Surgical Center

Read how Winter Haven Ambulatory Surgical Center was able to boost payments while reducing A/R days, reduce billing costs and improve patient satisfaction with ZirMed’s solutions.

Universal Software Solutions, Inc

Read how Universal Software Solutions, Inc was able to leverage ZiMed’s RCM solutions to seamlessly integrate with their own products and reduce time clients spent on claims by 50%.

Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford

Read how Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford increased payments received within 45 days by 20% & reduced paper claims by 70% using ZirMed solutions.

CCA Medical

Learn how CCA Medical improved client satisfaction, increased client retention and customized solutions for clients by using ZirMed.

ZirMed Honored with Corporate Community Service Award

ZirMed®, the premier cloud-based enterprise financial and clinical performance solution for healthcare, announced today that it was honored by Louisville Central Community Centers, Inc. (LCCC), an organization that supports low-income and disadvantaged individuals and families in the local area, with the 2014 Corporate Community Service Award. The Award, presented at LCCC’s Annual Meeting on May 14th, recognizes ZirMed’s exemplary employee volunteer services to support LCCC’s child development and youth services program.

ZOLL and Emergency Mobile Health Care

Emergency Mobile Health Care (EMHC) was founded to be and remains an exclusively locally owned and operated emergency medical service organization; today EMHC serves a population of more than a million people in and around Memphis, answering 75,000 calls each year.

Claims Demo

ZirMed’s complete collection of cloud-based Claims and AR Management solutions helps you maximize revenue and productivity while reducing AR days and write-offs.

Improve The Financial Health of Your Practice

Join national consultant and popular speaker Deborah Walker Keegan, PhD, as she shows how today’s most successful medical practices employ sophisticated data and business analytics, tools, and techniques to create financial value, optimize revenue, and analyze performance gaps. Attend this session to learn how to:
Take a deep dive into your accounts receivables
Make sure you’re not deceived by your billing metrics
Use key benchmarks to conduct a gap analysis
Stratify your revenue to meet the challenge of reimbursement reform

CPR for Your Revenue Cycle with Deborah Walker Keegan

Mid-winter is a great time to conduct CPR on your revenue cycle. Join national consultant and popular speaker Deborah Walker Keegan, PhD, as she shares best practices in each key step of the revenue cycle so you can collect every cent that is due to your practice.

Using Predictive Analytics to Ensure Coding Accuracy and Maximize Charge Capture

Healthcare providers are often challenged to allocate the resources and technologies needed to research and analyze their coding effectiveness and efficiency. Given time and resource limitations, manual audits are often limited. With predictive modeling, hospitals can automate the analysis of patient accounts to ensure the necessary codes and charges have been submitted. Predictive models can […]

Streamline Your Entire Payer Payment Process

Streamline your entire payer payment process and simplify management of today’s increasingly complex payment models. Click here to download

Learn More About ZirMed’s Support and Services

Learn more about the support and services that have once again made ZirMed Best in KLAS®—for the third consecutive year. Click here to download.

Parsimonious Side Propagation

A fast parsimonious linear-programming-based algorithm for training neural networks is proposed that suppresses redundant features while using a minimal number of hidden units. This is achieved by propagating sideways to newly added hidden units the task of separating successive groups of unclassified points. Computational results show an improvement of 26.53% and 19.76% in tenfold cross-validation […]

Scaling EM (Expectation-Maximization) Clustering to Large Databases

Practical statistical clustering algorithms typically center upon an iterative refinement optimization procedure to compute a locally optimal clustering solution that maximizes the fit to data. These algorithms typically require many database scans to converge, and within each scan they require the access to every record in the data table Click here to view and download […]

Constrained K-Means Clustering

We consider practical methods for adding constraints to the K-Means clustering algorithm in order to avoid local solutions with empty clusters or clusters having very few points. Click here to view and download the full-screen version >>

Clustering via Concave Minimization

The problem of assigning m points in the n-dimensional real space Rn to k clusters is formulated as that of determining k centers in Rn such that the sum of distances of each point to the nearest center is minimized. If a polyhedral distance is used, the problem can be formulated as that of minimizing […]

Feature Selection via Mathematical Programming

The problem of discriminating between two fi nite point sets in n-dimensional feature space by a separating plane that utilizes as few of the features as possible, is formulated as a mathematical program with a parametric objective function and linear constraints. The step function that appears in the objective function can be approximated by a sigmoid […]

Parsimonious Least Norm Approximation

A theoretically justifiable fast finite successive linear approximation algorithm is proposed for obtaining a parsimonious solution to a corrupted linear system Ax = b + p, where the corruption p is due to noise or error in measurement. Click here to view and download the full-screen version >>

Feature Selection via Concave Minimization and Support Vector Machines

Computational comparison is made between two feature selection approaches for fi nding a separating plane that discriminates between two point sets in an n-dimensional feature space that utilizes as few of the n features (dimensions) as possible. In the concave minimization approach [19, 5] a separating plane is generated by minimizing a weighted sum of distances […]

Refining Initial Points for K-Means Clustering

Practical approaches to clustering use an iterative procedure (e.g. K-Means, EM) which converges to one of numerous local minima. It is known that these iterative techniques are especially sensitive to initial starting conditions. We present a procedure for computing a refined starting condition from a given initial one that is based on an efficient technique […]

Scaling Clustering Algorithms to Large Databases

Practical clustering algorithms require multiple data scans to achieve convergence. For large databases, these scans become prohibitively expensive. We present a scalable clustering framework applicable to a wide class of iterative clustering. We require at most one scan of the database. In this work, the framework is instantiated and numerically justified with the popular K-Means […]

Initialization of Iterative Refinement Clustering Algorithms

Iterative refinement clustering algorithms (e.g. K-Means, EM) converge to one of numerous local minima. It is known that they are especially sensitive to initial conditions. We present a procedure for computing a refined starting condition from a given initial one that is based on an efficient technique for estimating the modes of a distribution. The […]

Compressed Data Cubes for OLAP Aggregate Query Approximation on Continuous Dimensions

Efficiently answering decision support queries is an important problem. Most of the work in this direction has been in the context of the data cube. Queries are efficiently answered by pre-computing large parts of the cube. Besides having large space requirements, such pre-computation requires that the hierarchy along each dimension be fixed (hence dimensions are […]

Massive Data Discrimination via Linear Support Vector Machines

A linear support vector machine formulation is used to generate a fast, fi nitely terminating linear-programming algorithm for discriminating between two massive sets in n-dimensional space, where the number of points can be orders of magnitude sufficiently small linear programs that separate chunks of the data at a time. Click here to view and download the […]

k-Plane Clustering

A fi nite new algorithm is proposed for clustering m given points in n-dimensional real space into k clusters by generating k planes that constitute a local solution to the nonconvex problem of minimizing the sum of squares of the 2-norm distances between each point and a nearest plane. Click here to view and download the […]

Efficient Discovery of Error-Tolerant Frequent Itemsets in High Dimensions

We present a generalization of frequent itemsets allowing for the notion of errors in the itemset definition. We motivate the problem and present an efficient algorithm that identifies error tolerant frequent clusters of items in transactional data (customer purchase data, web browsing data, text, etc.). The algorithm exploits sparseness of the underlying data to find […]

Model Based Population Tracking and Automatic Detection of Distribution Changes

Probabilistic mixture models are used for a broad range of data analysis tasks such as clustering, classification, predictive modeling, etc. Due to their inherent probabilistic nature, mixture models can easily be combined with other probabilistic or non-probabilistic techniques thus forming more complex data analysis systems. Click here to view and download the full-screen version >>

Optimization Methods In Massive Datasets

We describe the role of generalized support vector machines in separating massive and complex data using arbitrary nonlinear kernels. Click here to view and download the full-screen version >>

Data Mining as an Automated Service

An automated data mining service offers an out- sourced, cost-effective analysis option for clients desiring to leverage their data resources for decision support and operational improvement. In the context of the service model, typically the client provides the service with data and other information likely to aid in the analysis process (e.g. domain knowledge, etc.). […]

Philosophies and Advances in Scaling Mining Algorithms to Large Databases

Data mining has become increasingly important as a key to analyzing, digesting and understanding the flood of digital data. Achieving this goal requires scaling mining algorithms to large databases. Click here to view and download the full-screen version >>

Golden Empire Cardiology

Read how Golden Empire Cardiology collected 20% more money from patients, reduced AR days from 51 to 24, and sent less bad debt to collection—while improving office efficiency and increasing patient satisfaction.

Healthcare Billing of St. Charles

Learn how St. Charles saved up to 1% of bank fees on every transaction, eliminated loopholes that previously resulted in missing cash, increased staff productivity, and improved internal control.

RCM Webinar Series: Business Office KPIs–Benchmarking for Success

In this on-demand webinar, revenue cycle expert Elizabeth Woodcock explains a straightforward methodology for determining your business office KPIs—how to measure “apples to apples,” benchmark all aspects of your revenue cycle including performance and cost measures, and why and how to perform an account audit.

Predictive Analytics

Identify unique trends, find key information, and extract actionable insights to improve your revenue cycle and support population health management—see exactly which clinical and business opportunities will have the greatest impact on your success with ZirMed’s predictive analytics solutions.

Patient Statements Demo

ZirMed Patient Statements enables you to easily and cost-effectively send customizable electronic and printed statements. Statements are automatically checked against change-of-address databases before being sent—and you can easily view delivery and payment status.

RCM Webinar Series: Best Practices–10 Strategies for Success

RCM expert Elizabeth Woodcock shares strategies, tactics, and tips for improving your financial performance in this information-packed recorded one-hour webinar. Watch it today and start optimizing your revenue cycle for full reimbursement and fewer AR days.

EOB Conversion with Payer Lockbox

In today’s cost-pressured healthcare environment, you can no longer afford to spend hundreds of hours processing paper checks—especially when ZirMed makes it this easy to automatically convert incoming paper checks into electronic payments. Give us three minutes right now, and we’ll show you how it works.

Remits Demo

How much money, time, and revenue are you losing by manually posting payments? ZirMed makes it easy to receive all your remits electronically from all payers—and reconcile your remit, payment, and deposit records—all within one system. Give us four minutes right now, and we’ll show you how it works.

RCM Webinar Series: The Economic Tsunami

A tidal wave of economic change is gaining strength—and it’s a wave your practice needs to catch, not get caught up in. Listen as revenue cycle management expert Elizabeth Woodcock, MBA, FACMPE, CPC, explains what’s driving the challenges that medical practices like yours face today—and what’s behind the changes you’ll face in the not-too-distant future.

Patient Estimation Demo

With the rise of high-deductible health plans (HDHPs) and new enrollees through state insurance exchanges, navigating the tricky realm of patient engagement, billing, and payment has never been easier. Wait, it’s never been easier? Correct—because ZirMed’s cost-effective Patient Estimation solution shows you and your patients exactly what they owe. Welcome to a new era of upfront transparency in healthcare.

Patient Engagement

By helping you engage with your patients at every stage in the cycle of care, ZirMed’s Patient Engagement solution helps you collect more of what they owe—and collect it sooner—while enhancing their satisfaction.

Eligibility Verification Demo

Ineligible patient insurance coverage causes more than 75% of all claim rejections and denials by payers. Beat the odds with ZirMed’s Eligibility Verification solution—the most user-friendly, accurate, and cost-effective way to confirm the details of patients’ coverage in real-time.

ZirMed Remits

Receive all your remits electronically–from all payers, and within one system. Lost remits and the time-consuming process of manually posting payments translate into costly delays and unrealized revenue.

ZirMed EOB Conversion with Payer Lockbox

VeraFund is the first service to fully automate this previously tedious and error-prone process. From opening the mail to posting and reconciling payments, VeraFund saves you time and money.

Collect More by Engaging More

From the front office to the back office, and from federal mandates to industry initiatives, patient engagement has never been more important nor had such significant impact on your revenue cycle and quality scores. Check out this webinar to learn more about how cloud-based technology can enhance your patient satisfaction and engagement!

Benefit from Your Big Data Now

Why wait for an enterprise data warehouse when the data you need is already at your fingertips? Learn how to turn this available information into accessible, actionable insights—and how your organization will benefit from accelerating its ability to dig into big data.

Analytics Demo

Watch this short 3 ½ minute video demonstration of ZirMed’s recently redesigned Analytics solution, and see some of the hottest new features in action.

Patient Statements Analysis

What could your organization do with $10,000 more a year? Saving that much could be easier than you think…

Game Changer–High Deductible Health Plans

Patient financial responsibility continues to rise, with out-of-pocket expenses creeping up for patients, and providers facing waves of unpaid statements if collections processes go unchanged. Feel like you’re awash in high deductibles? We’ve got the life-raft.

Who Brought the Life Raft?

What’s driving the increase in HDHPs, and how can providers adapt to the change? This infographic includes the facts and a few best practices to help you manage the new realities of high deductibles.

ZirMed Patient Statements

ZirMed Patient Statements enables you to easily and cost-effectively send customizable electronic and printed statements. Statements are automatically checked against change-of-address databases before being sent—and you can easily view delivery and payment status.

ZirMed Analytics

See exactly what’s driving your business performance at the provider, practice, or organizational level—and across multiple practice management systems. ZirMed Analytics delivers the insight and information you need, when and how you need it.

How to Engage your Patients with Patient Notebook

The benefits to your organization of using a well-designed patient portal—especially ZirMed’s Patient Notebook—are clear. But you’ll only reap those benefits if your patients actually use your portal. Patient Notebook is a patient-friendly, intuitive solution—and we provide the marketing and communications tools you need to promote the portal to your patients and get them using it.

ICD-10 Webinar Series: ZirMed Solutions to Ease your Transition

In preparation for ICD-10, ZirMed is offering FREE monthly webinars on ICD-10 preparation and ZirMed’s strategy and readiness. These webinars will discuss the impact of ICD-10 on your practice—and what you need to do now to prepare for success.

ZirMed Patient Estimation

More than half of all bad debt in provider organizations typically comes from outstanding patient balances. Patient financial responsibilities continue to soar, and greater transparency is one of the keys to increasing patient satisfaction. ZirMed’s cost-effective Patient Estimation solution enables you to easily, accurately estimate patient responsibility at or before the time of service—reducing your AR days and write-offs.

ZirMed Patient Notebook

Choose a patient portal that’s truly intuitive and user-friendly: Patient Notebook. With simple, secure direct messaging and the ability for patients to access their records at any time, Patient Notebook will not only keep you better connected with your patients—it will empower your patients to access the records and information they need without adding to your staff’s workload.

ICD-10 Webinar Series: What does the delay mean to you?

In preparation for ICD-10, ZirMed is offering FREE monthly webinars on ICD-10 preparation and ZirMed’s strategy and readiness. These webinars will discuss the impact of ICD-10 on your practice—and what you need to do now to prepare for success.

ZirMed Overview

Boost financial and operational performance, gain actionable insights, and communicate securely with ZirMed’s powerful cloud-based RCM, Analytics, and Clinical Communications solutions.

ZirMed Eligibility Verification

Ineligible patient insurance coverage causes more than 75% of all claim rejections and denials by payers. Beat the odds with ZirMed.

ZirMed Claims Management

The more efficient your claims processing, the faster you get paid. Boost payments while reducing AR days, headaches, and time spent on claims.

ZirMed Workcenter

Take your claims processing workflow to the next level, with a user-friendly interface, streamlined navigation, and easy-to-set-up workgroups for greater focus and productivity.

Buffalo Wheelchair

“Another company promised us the same capabilities at a lower price. They couldn’t deliver on that promise. A month after we switched, we came back to ZirMed.”

Coding Tools Data Sheet

Accurate coding is critical to getting paid quickly and fully—and it never ceases to be challenging.

Billing Services

See how ZirMed helps you differentiate your company from competitors with value-added services that increase efficiency and ease the burden of regulatory challenges for your customers.

Patient Payments Data Sheet

ZirMed’s solutions cover all aspects of the patient payment process to ensure that you receive full and prompt payments.

Payment Card Industry Data Security

Because ZirMed has passed the most rigorous PCI DSS validation process, providers using ZirMed to process credit cards minimize their risks while still offering this invaluable payment option to their patients.

Partnering with ZirMed, Inc

The ZirMed Partner Program is designed to help our partners promote a more robust service offering by integrating ZirMed’s solutions.

Enterprise Intelligence

ZirMed’s Enterprise Platform empowers your organization to prosper in the healthcare marketplace of tomorrow by connecting communities, enabling actionable insights, and driving market-leading profitability.

Enterprise Profitability

ZirMed’s Enterprise Platform empowers your organization to prosper in the healthcare marketplace of tomorrow by connecting communities, enabling actionable insights, and driving market-leading profitability.

Maximizing Medicare Reimbursements White Paper

Within the next two years, the US Department of Treasury forecasts that 14 million HSA policies will cover approximately 25-30 million Americans. Included in this whitepaper are implications of increasing patient responsibility, collections best practices, and collections and internal control solutions.

Rapid Assurance Implementation Process

ZirMed Rapid Assurance implementation process makes your transition to the industry’s leading revenue cycle management solution as seamless and as simple as possible.

Support and Training Center

ZirMed’s Support & Training Center will make asking questions and finding answers easier than ever. You’ll have access to over a thousand helpful articles, user guides, videos, and training webinars.

Analytics Data Sheet

ZirMed’s enterprise—and practice—level analytics solutions provide insight into operational and financial performance, keep track of timely metrics, and deliver actionable information to help drive the decisions that move your organization forward.

Patient Estimation Data Sheet

ZirMed’s innovative Patient Estimation solution gives any provider the ability to estimate patient responsibility before rendering services.

Claims Management – Workers Compensation Data Sheet

ZirMed’s Workers’ Compensation Attachment WorkCenter standardizes the submission workflow—regardless of claim type or state submission requirements.

Claims Management Data Sheet

ZirMed’s Claims Management solutions help healthcare practices like yours close the payment efficiency gap quickly and cost-effectively.

Eligibility Verification Data Sheet

ZirMed’s Eligibility Verification solution provides the flexibility to determine patient coverage (including co-pays, deductibles, inpatient days used, and other pertinent benefit data) and make other payment arrangements available if necessary—prior to rendering services.

Revenue Cycle Management for Practices Data Sheet

Our revenue cycle management tools stand out because they’re all data-connected—every time one of the tens of thousands of users on our network gets a remit or their patient makes a payment, we learn a little bit more about how to optimize payer reimbursement and patient payment, and that knowledge is immediately put to work for every one of our clients.

Small Format Company Overview

ZirMed has delivered modern technology to the healthcare market for more than a decade. We launched the industry’s first cloud-based claims clearinghouse, and have remained dedicated to bringing valuable innovation to healthcare ever since.

STAR Physical Therapy

Automated systems that streamline processes, increase accuracy, analyze performance and simplify payment procedures can lessen business maladies and put clinics on the road to a strong, healthy recovery.

OptiMed Management

OptiMed, a growing medical billing company, needed a dramatically more efficient solution to help manage their revenue cycle.

Integrated Rehabilitation Group

Integrated Rehabilitation Group’s (IRG) relentless growth placed a heavy strain on most aspects of the group’s business practices, including the manual processing of claims. IRG needed a partner who could reduce the paper clogging IRG’s workflows.

Enhancing Cash Collections & Internal Controls

Prepare for the challenges of Consumer Driven Healthcare Plans and learn how to increase cash flows while minimizing the risk of embezzlement.

3 Keys to Success: Collect More from Patients Without Hurting Satisfaction

Billing and reimbursement has always been difficult for healthcare organizations, but changes in the industry have made things harder than ever.