Charge Integrity

Hospital and Physician Practice Revenue Integrity:
Leveraging Predictive Analytics to Ensure Professional Revenue Integrity

In this ebook, learn how your organization can reduce missed revenue opportunities caused by charge capture leakage

Professional Charge Integrity White Paper

Learn about the root causes of charge capture leakage in this white paper

Predictive Analytics in Leveraging Revenue Cycle Management

Paul Bradley, ZirMed’s Chief Data Scientist, shares his insights on the growing importance of using predictive analytics in revenue cycle management. Read the article and listen to the podcast.

Mining Value in Healthcare: Tying Together Physician and Hospital Data

Learn how linking hospital and physician data can help hospitals and health systems avoid missed charges, undercoding, and duplicate or overlapping charges

Recovering Millions and Ensuring Revenue Integrity

Join Dan Ward to learn how predictive analytics can uncover millions of dollars in opportunity hidden in hospital and health system data

ZirMed Charge Integrity

ZirMed’s Charge Integrity solution on average delivers a 4 to 1 return on investment for hospitals and health systems.

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