Denial Avoidance

Stop Hospital Revenue Leakage: Identify & Strategize

Learn how hospitals & health systems can reduce the pressure on reimbursement margins by finding & stopping revenue leakage with David Hammer

Win the Revenue Leakage War

David Hammer discusses how organizations can improve financial performance by identifying the causes & locations of revenue leakage

Time Is Money: Improve Denial Productivity

Get a better understanding of the time & cost involved in managing denials—& how ZirMed can help through automation—in this on-demand webinar

Podcast: Denial Management—Take Control Of Your AR

Overcome denial bottlenecks & get your AR back on track by arming your staff with tools they need to effectively prioritize & quickly appeal denials

Podcast: Strategies to Improve Denial Management

Learn how key denial-related benchmarks & intuitive technology can improve your denial management & avoidance in this podcast

Denial Productivity ROI Fact Sheet

Learn step by step how denial management solutions work to save you time for each denial and appeal

Denials Avoidance Data Sheet

Reduce avoidable write-offs and improve productivity with ZirMed’s Denial Avoidance solution