Value Based Care

The Realities of Patient Payments

The switch to HDHPs has been as tough on patients as it has on providers. Learn how you can facilitate the switch in our ebook—The Realities of Patient Payments

A Guide to Thriving Under MACRA/MIPS

Join ZirMed to gain an understanding of what the transition to value based care will require & get a road map to start planning & thriving under MACRA/MIPS

The Rise of Patient Responsibility Infographic


A recent increase in patient responsibility, due to high deductible health plans, increasing premiums, and growing coinsurance, to name a few reasons, often leaves patients with out-of-pocket costs that result in late payments and medical debt. For providers, collecting from patients with unpaid balances or from those who are truly self-pay is not only costly, but can add friction to the patient/provider relationship. Take a best practices approach to managing patient financial responsibility from up-front collection to finding hidden coverage. View the infographic to learn more!

The New Healthcare Consumer: Riding the Sea of Change Infographic


High deductible health plans continue to impact both patients and providers’ financial welfare. As the tide continues, increasing pressures from bad debt, challenging collections and wage to income disparity with continue to grow. Click here to download your copy of the infographic.

State of the Industry: The Challenges – and Opportunities – That Lie Ahead For Physicians in 2017

Join Elizabeth Woodcock for this in-depth webinar to see the challenges – and opportunities – that lie ahead for physicians in 2017

Moving from Denial Management to Denial Avoidance – The Role of CDI

Join Glenn Krauss to deepen your understanding of CDI’s role in the revenue cycle and learn practical strategies to apply these insights into daily work

Looking Ahead at MIPS

Join ZirMed’s Holly Taylor to learn best practices to increase your bonus potential, avoid penalties, and steps to ensure the success of your organization with MIPS