Virtualization takes IT to the cloud

Cloud computing and virtualization may be trending terms in the information technology world and piquing interest in the healthcare industry. Read about insights from industry leaders, including our own CTO, Chris Schremser.

But virtualization should not come as a surprise to healthcare IT leaders as it really isn’t a new concept, according to Chris Schremser, Chief Technology Officer, ZirMed.

Chris Schremser, Chief Technology Officer, ZirMed

“Virtualization has been around a long time – at least compared to cloud computing as we think of it today – so it’s also fair to say that virtualization is a more mature technology and market,” he observed. “Virtualization is based on the idea of a logical partition. It’s a way to virtually separate the capacity and computing resources of a single piece of physical hardware like a server, which enables you to get more out of that hardware by segmenting off excess capacity that would otherwise go to waste.
“Almost without exception, there are times of day or days of the week when demand peaks [as in] when more people are using the application,” Schremser continued. “You have to be able to accommodate those peaks, and virtualization allows you to do that without having as many solely dedicated physical resources.” He further indicated that ZirMed’s servers currently are 90 percent virtualized and will be completely virtualized by year’s end.

Chris Schremser is ZirMed’s Chief Technology Officer

Virtualization takes IT to the cloud

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