ZirMed Introduces Industry’s First Message Simplification of Payer Rejection Reponses

October 27, 2011

Louisville, KY – October 27, 2011

ZirMed, a leading provider of revenue cycle management solutions for healthcare providers, today introduced the industry’s first technology solution to simplify payer rejection messages.

The SimpleResponse solution helps billers and coders rapidly understand and correct rejected claims by translating complex and hard to understand rejection messages into plain, easy-to-understand English. With thousands of insurance companies, there are literally tens of thousands of different messages that describe the same underlying reason for a rejected claim. Working through these different, hard to understand messages takes up valuable time and delays the reimbursement process.

To solve this problem, ZirMed created the industry’s first solution using its proprietary SimpleResponse technology. This industry-leading innovation begins by providing easy-to-understand “translations” of claim rejection messages, including both a simplified message and one-click access to the original payer-generated notification for reference. SimpleResponse maps hundreds of variations of the same core reason to a single simplified message, meaning users can more quickly learn and recognize core issues.

Knowing the problem, however, is only half the battle. Being able to quickly resolve it provides the real leverage for ZirMed clients. That is why SimpleResponse completes the process by providing guided navigation within the claim edit screen to advise users exactly where to resolve the underlying rejection issue. Specific fields are highlighted and, to make sure clients know exactly how to address a simplified rejection message, detailed step-by-step instructions are linked to the simplified response.

“ZirMed’s clean claims rate is over 98%,” said ZirMed CEO Tom Butts. “However, that still means that all provider organizations will experience claims that are rejected by payers. We’re thrilled to be able to offer our clients plain English translations of these cryptic rejection messages so they can easily understand and correct them.”

Early client adoption suggests that SimpleRepsonse provides a 20-30% increase in efficiency in dealing with rejected claims, creating an ability to resubmit a higher number of claims more quickly, and thus resulting in faster reimbursement. There is no additional charge for this industry-leading solution; it is available as part of ZirMed’s core claim management solutions, an additional value of working with ZirMed.

ZirMed simultaneously introduced the new SimpleResponse technology at the national Medical Group Management Association show in Las Vegas and at the Medtrade show in Atlanta this week.

About ZirMed:
ZirMed is a nationally recognized leader in delivering revenue cycle management solutions to healthcare providers, serving more than 100,000 healthcare providers. ZirMed leverages the power of technology to cure administrative burdens and increase cash flow, enabling providers to not just survive but thrive. ZirMed solutions include eligibility verification, credit/debit card processing, check processing, claims management, coding compliancy and reimbursement management, electronic remittance advice, patient statements, patient e-commerce solutions, and lock box services. ZirMed is a member of Inc. magazine’s 500/5000 fastest growing companies and Healthcare Informatics magazine’s Top 100 companies. For more information about ZirMed visit www.Zirmed.com

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