10 Top ICD-10 Articles, and the Many Applications of Predictive Analytics

May 15, 2015

As the ICD-10 transition deadline approaches, it’s becoming more important to prepare for the new coding standards—and there are plenty of good resources to help you get ready. Executive Insight published a list of the 10 best articles on ICD-10, which includes coverage of our survey on end-to-end testing. The results showed that providers who began testing implementation strategies are more prepared for a smooth transition—we’re here to help you develop an effective ICD-10 strategy!

RCM Answers examined a recent study on predictive analytics and its variety of uses and benefits. The article asserts that predictive analytics technology can assist in optimizing population health management and reducing readmission models. It also notes that new modeling strategies can help target specific areas to improve outcomes in personal health, revenue cycle management, and denial probabilities.

Search Business Analytics reviewed how Cleveland Clinic leveraged predictive models to cut costs and manage care for its patients. In combination with machine learning, predictive modeling helps hospitals and health systems stay ahead of the curve—and benefits patients and providers alike!

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