About Us

Imagine a high-technology healthcare revenue cycle management company filled with hundreds of talented people, all driven by a single vision—to make sure healthcare organizations like yours have the time, money, and insights you need to focus all your energy on your core mission: caring for your patients’ health.

We imagined it, too. And the result is ZirMed.

Our story—

It all started in 1999. Healthcare providers and organizations desperately needed a better way to manage healthcare reimbursement. Healthcare reimbursement-related workflows were manual, cumbersome, and convoluted. Staff members were drowning in paper, it was difficult to get paid fully—and it was impossible to get paid quickly. ZirMed Office

So ZirMed invented the answer: cloud-based claims management. We streamlined front- and back-office workflows and enabled providers to understand and improve financial performance.

In 2017, ZirMed joined forces with Navicure. Together, ZirMed and Navicure deliver industry-leading solutions and unmatched customer support.

Today, those revenue cycle management solutions and insights remain vital, but provider organizations face new and unprecedented challenges as reimbursement models change, patient financial responsibility soars, payments fall, and costs spiral upward.

Fortunately, ZirMed, Navicure, and our clients—are ready, with more sophisticated technology and more effective revenue cycle management solutions than ever before.

ZirMed and Navicure now empower healthcare organizations of all sizes and types to optimize revenue cycle management with the nation’s only comprehensive end-to-end platform of cloud-based financial management solutions. The combined company’s healthcare reimbursement tools include but are not limited to claims and AR management, charge integrity, contract management, and patient access and engagement

By combining breakthrough predictive analytics technology with innovative software development and the industry’s most advanced transactional network, ZirMed and Navicure’s solutions extract actionable insights that improve our clients’ revenue cycles —while streamlining workflows, increasing operating efficiencies, and driving bottom-line performance.

To start driving your healthcare organization’s financial performance to higher levels, contact ZirMed today.


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