How ACOs Can Leverage Claims Data

By Kim Labow, VP of Marketing | March 20, 2014

We’re hearing from organizations every day that are realizing the limits of clinical data. The good news is that your organization already has a wealth of valuable healthcare information buried within your claims data. For organizations moving toward an accountable care model, understanding what’s being billed (and paid) and augmenting that data with clinical data on outcomes provides a comprehensive overview that can be critical for tracking population health management.

Our Vice President of Product Strategy, Doug Fielding, recently contributed an article to Executive Insight, which illustrates the importance of claims data for ACOs. Doug says, “claims data will always be the broadest in scope. It will always be the most standardized. And because it includes DME and home healthcare claims, the visibility and insight it provides extends beyond office visits and encounters.”

How is your organization leveraging its claims data? We encourage you to read Doug’s article on Executive Insight and learn more about our cloud-based Analytics solution to determine how you can gain comprehensive insight from the information embedded in your claims.

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