Durable Medical Equipment Reimbursement Solutions

Durable medical equipment (DME) providers are flooded with physician orders for various supplies and devices yet they struggle to recoup revenue. Many DME providers end up leaving durable medical equipment reimbursement on the table due to a lack of revenue oversight. Incorrectly billing just one medical device could end up costing a DME provider thousands of dollars of DME Medicare reimbursement.

The good news is that the right technology-based solution can make a big difference. ZirMed’s powerful data-driven solutions help you capture durable medical equipment reimbursement with ease, enabling you to manage durable medical equipment collections for all supplies and devices. Take your durable medical equipment reimbursement to the next level to gain the revenue you’ve earned.

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Verify eligibility up front and detect hidden coverage after services are rendered

To ensure durable medical equipment reimbursement, you must proactively address many questions about a patient’s coverage: Does the patient’s insurance include DME coverage? If so, what supplies and devices does the payer consider to be DME? Does the coverage include both DME rentals and purchases? What about upgraded features or models? Does it also cover DME repairs and maintenance? Does the solution have the ability to address Same & Similar vs. new equipment? Answering these questions requires accurate insurance information—something that patients don’t always provide. You need DME reimbursement solutions that help you provide real-time eligibility information and detect healthcare coverage.

Here’s how ZirMed can help:

Capture revenue with point of sale, patient statements, and online payment plans to maximize self-pay patient collections.

When it comes to your DME Medicare reimbursement, patients often owe 20% of the Medicare-approved amount in addition to their Part B deductible. High deductible commercial health plans may require patients to pay even more money out of pocket for DME. In some cases, DME may not be covered at all. Plus, rental equipment means collecting from patients on a recurring basis. Having a durable medical equipment collection strategy in place is paramount. You need DME reimbursement solutions that help you manage durable medical equipment collection and make it easy for patients to follow through with payment. Online billing plans make it easy for patients to manage recurring payments across all devices.

Here’s how ZirMed can help:

Accelerate cash flow by managing claims, remits, denials and deposits.

Quick and accurate payments keep your DME company running smoothly. Unfortunately, many barriers stand in your way: Missing charges, processing paper payments, and manually matching deposits to remits are just a few. You need automated remittance processing and reimbursement deposit management to gain real-time cashflow insight. By automating reconciliation, you eliminate thousands of hours wasted on labor-intensive manual processing, reduce the risk of errors, auto-post pre-reconciled download files, and expose missing items—all in a matter of seconds. DMEs can’t afford to let denials go unworked – with such high volumes, even small claims can add up. When denials do occur, you need DME reimbursement solutions that help you streamline the appeals process, learn from your mistakes, and ensure corrective action going forward.

Here’s how ZirMed can help:

Integration Capabilities

By design, ZirMed’s revenue cycle management platform enables creators of healthcare technology solutions to seamlessly and easily incorporate our HIPAA and PCI-compliant applications and transactions into your software solutions. Using ZirMed’s integration capabilities, organizations seeking a traditional approach of exchanging EDI transactions may transmit and receive a variety of claims, payments, eligibility inquiries, and other healthcare transactions using established technologies and methods such as X12 files, APIs, Flat Files, FTP, Encryption (i.e. PGP), and more. You’ll have confidence knowing that your exchanges are occurring securely, in compliance with all regulatory guidelines, and utilizing existing technological capabilities.