Best Practice Tips – Key Performance Indicators

August 14, 2014

Analytics such as KPIs enable you to make quick, smart decisions, prioritize resources, assess your financial health, and engage in effective long-term planning. KPIs can help organizations of all sizes ensure they are operating at peak effectiveness and efficiency. Medical Practice Insider recently asked two of our clients, St. Claire Regional Medical Center and Consolidated Health Services, to share the key KPIs they track.

Some of the KPIs on the list include:

  • Discharged not final billed
  • Percent of AR > than 90 days
  • Average daily revenue
  • Self-pay conversion rate
  • Denial rate
  • Days sales outstanding in total and by payer

Which KPIs does your organization track—and how do they help you gauge financial and operational health? To see the full list of KPIs that St. Claire’s and Consolidated Health Services cited, read the Medical Practice Insider article here.

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