CMS releases end-to-end testing results, AMA adopts new data policies, and why big data analytics matter more as lifespan increases

June 12, 2015

Happy Friday, readers! In the news this week: CMS continues to receive comments on its end-to-end testing results, this time from the Coalition for ICD-10. As RCM Answers writes, the coalition congratulated CMS on its April end-to-end testing results, which demonstrated that its systems are ready to accept ICD-10 claims. To help build a better understanding of the importance of testing, check out Ken Edwards’ article, “Don’t Sleep on ICD-10 Testing,” in which he not only stresses the long-term value of making the switch to ICD-10, but also emphasizes its short-term financial benefits.

iHealthBeat brings us coverage of the latest news from the American Medical Association, including its adoption of two new policies meant to boost data access and increase transparency. The organization seeks to improve on the current medical and financial data delivery process and payment models, as well as reporting standards. The group hopes the new policies will enable patients to better understand their healthcare costs, allowing them to make better decisions and become more engaged in their care experiences.

Finally, Health IT Analytics takes a look at how big data analytics is helping to establish better population health management strategies. As patients are beginning to live longer, the number of people with chronic conditions is steadily rising. Data analytics has the power to boost transparency, as well as predict payer denials and medical trends, all of which can aid in the care management of these aging patients.

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