Cold Calls

February 7, 2014

Like much of the country, the Louisville, KY area has been hit hard over the past week with severe winter weather. Last Saturday it was 60 degrees or warmer in much of the region—then came the cold, snow, and ice. Multiple days of school were canceled, trees went down, and many in the region lost power. To everyone who’s been experiencing winter calamities this week, we hope you and your loved ones are safe and warm. Folks in the Northeast and elsewhere stranded or without power are very much in our thoughts.

How did the weather in Louisville affect our ability to serve our clients? Thankfully, it didn’t. Anyone who called our support line this week probably DIDN’T notice anything out of the ordinary—because aside from the storms, there wasn’t. Our team did a tremendous job delivering their trademark top-notch support. Those who couldn’t safely travel plugged in and connected to our secure network from home. Those who were able to make it in to the office put forth extra effort to ensure that our clients didn’t experience longer-than-normal wait times.

Across the company, people helped out their colleagues and demonstrated the flexibility and understanding that makes ZirMed such a great place to work.

We’ve still got snow on the ground and crews are still out clearing trees and restoring power—but ZirMed is humming along thanks to the teams who always find a way to make it happen. Cheers to them, and warm wishes to everyone affected by this most recent series of storms!

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