Denial Management: 10 Tested Techniques That Get Claims Paid

July 21, 2016

Think your medical practice has a healthy revenue cycle? If you haven’t focused – really focused – on insurance denials, then think again. Denials might be the most underestimated and poorly understood sources of significant cash leakage from your practice’s revenue cycle. National speaker and practice management expert Elizabeth Woodcock shows you how to dig into the causes of claim denials in your practice and drastically reduce lost revenue.

She’ll show you how to:

  • Assess denial patterns and discover their root causes
  • Quantify the financial impact of denials
  • Utilize more streamlined processes to correct and resubmit denials
  • File effective appeals of denials and underpayments
  • Develop strategies to prevent denials and improve staff productivity

Tracking, analyzing, resolving and eliminating causes of denials is much more than good housekeeping – it might just be the difference between financial stability and failure for your practice.

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