Denial & Appeal Management

Easily manage and appeal your denials in one application—and gain essential insights to help you reduce your denial rate.

The way your organization currently manages and works denials is too complicated, time-consuming, and ineffective. And it doesn’t give you enough understanding of why your denials happen, trends related to specific payers and types of denials, and how it all impacts your organization—making it difficult to be proactive in reducing your overall denials.

That’s why you need ZirMed’s Denial & Appeal Management application.

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Ideal when you’re facing:

Discover the power of ZirMed Denial & Appeal Management:

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Quickly access all data and drill down as needed.
Track and Manage denial workflow from start to finish.
Transparently oversee team and user productivity.
Understand the types of denials being worked.

And much more!

Eligibility Solution
  • Handle your entire denial-and-appeal process in a single online solution
  • Automate your appeals process—includes payer-specific auto-populated electronic forms printed and mailed on your behalf
  • Gain actionable insights from clear and customizable reporting
  • Boost productivity with automatic, accurate routing of denials to the appropriate individual or team
  • Get documentation of all activity and notes delivered back to your system daily

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“ZirMed’s Denial & Appeal Management gives us a clear picture of our denials by payer and by branch location, so we can take immediate action on the trends we’re seeing.”

Case StudyDonald Hoskins, Manager, Revenue Cycle Support

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