eBook: It’s Time To Tame The Beast: Why, When, and How To Deal With Denials

December 4, 2017

Studies show that while two-thirds of denials are recoverable or appealable, around 65% of these denied claims are never worked. Why is this? For many organizations, denial management can be costly in terms of time and money. However, in a large hospital, a denial rate of just 5% could translate to tens of thousands of denied claims per year! For many of these organizations, the solution lies in preventing these denials before they even occur. After identifying the root causes of denials and putting measures in place to correct these causes, 90% of denials can be prevented!

In this eBook, we will show the impact, denials can have on your operation, ways you can take control of your denials to prevent root causes, and the benefits denial prevention can have.

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