Educate, Connect, Collect: Strategies to Handle High Deductible Health Plans

June 22, 2016


Consumer-driven health plans compel the business office to continually update patient accounts receivables policies. When the average employee mandated plan is a $2000 deductible, that means that most patients walking in your door are effectively self-pay!

How can we keep up with the most up-to-date technology that can help boost our revenue cycle is well as engage patients?

This session presents from both the practice’s and the patient’s point of view. We provide ideas for team based approach strategies and procedures that best maintain your relationship with patients.

Topics for discussion include; how your front desk and billing department can work together, credit card policies, collections timing, and provider involvement.
Also covered are prompt pay laws- and discounts that are legal.

We will have lively discussion about policies and actions that work – and what does NOT work. There are practical suggestions for implementing and updating realistic practice policies and procedures.

Come join for an opportunity to receive valuable information as well as share tips for HSA’s, high deductibles and newly driven patients.

Stay Informed

Stay Informed