Financial conversations with patients, more risk shifts to hospitals, and 7 strategies for RCM success.

December 11, 2015

By: Stacy State, Director of Marketing

Happy Friday! This week, our Vice President of Product Strategy, Doug Fielding, provided the RCM “tip of the day” for Becker’s Hospital CFO. Doug highlighted the importance of pre-appointment financial conversations with patients and the subsequent need for providers to be ready to meet patients’ elevated expectations for financial transparency, convenience, and flexibility. As Doug points out, “the more information and transparency healthcare organizations can provide to patients up front, the stronger the positive impact will be on overall patient satisfaction.”

Healthcare Finance News reported that more risk is shifting to hospitals, creating new pressures on the revenue cycle. The topic was also discussed extensively at the recent Revenue Cycle Solutions Summit in Atlanta.

Also this week, RevCycle Intelligence shared their top seven strategies for RCM success. In the article, providers recommended that peers use data to tell their story and consider a consolidated billing program. Managing denials proactively is also key.

COMING UP ON DECEMBER 15: We’re looking forward to our webinar on Tuesday, in which you’ll learn how to reduce denials—and work faster and more effectively—with our new Denial & Appeal Management solution.

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