Front-Desk Checkup: First Impressions, Fast Collections

October 12, 2016

First impressions are made within 10 seconds. In a field where customer service has always been a primary consideration in hiring and training staff, healthcare providers must be confident that the most accurate and up-to-date information is available for each patient encounter—and that the information is communicated clearly and with compassion.

Front-office staff also have a huge impact on your patient collections and RCM workflows—and play a powerful role in overall patient satisfaction. To learn more, join Susan Childs for this live webinar to look at the joys and challenges of the front office, and how leadership can be more effective in promoting patient engagement and highly positive patient/staff interactions. We’ll detail real-life success stories and:

  • Explore departmental relationships and challenges including clinical issues.
  • Review financial collections expectations and strategies.
  • Cover how the front desk’s daily routines can be improved to streamline workflow and financial & operational outcomes.

Stay Informed

Stay Informed