Should healthcare IT shoot for the cloud?

May 5, 2015

In the April 2015 edition of Health Management Technology, healthcare IT executives discussed the virtues of adopting and implementing virtualization within provider organizations, independent of cloud computing or in tandem. All expressed bullishness for both virtualization and cloud computing, which when intertwined can make IT networking more efficient.

“If you’re hosting hardware, you almost certainly should invest in virtualization,” says Chris Schremser, Chief Technology Officer, ZirMed. “I can think of very few instances where that investment would not be worthwhile—though I suppose if you have loads of excess capacity and don’t mind paying for it, virtualization might not be for you.”

A good place to start is to separate your mission-critical IT needs and applications from non-mission-critical, Schremser advises.

“Because the cloud is comparatively new, you might want to start by hosting those non-critical workloads on someone else’s infrastructure. Again, this helps contain costs and frees up additional virtual and potentially physical space that you can use to accommodate increased demand or future growth.”

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