ICD-10 Planning Strategies: How Your Vendors Can—and Should—Help

February 21, 2014

Regardless of where you are in your ICD-10 planning process, there are some things you should be looking for from your vendors—signs that they’re ready for ICD-10 and ready to help you.

First, remember that your vendors benefit from helping you test. Whether it’s your PM, EHR, RCM, or even your analytics vendor, testing enables them to confirm that their updated systems are working—and helps them uncover any additional fixes needed before go-live. Ultimately this helps them deliver better service to you, so they should welcome your requests for testing with them—and also be willing to facilitate testing with your payers and other third-parties where available.

If they don’t, that raises red flags about their readiness, and about their ability to help you make a smooth transition.

Your vendors should also be able to articulate the steps they’re taking to prepare for ICD-10, and how these actions benefit you. When ZirMed began planning for the transition to ICD-10, we set specific goals and objectives for ourselves—and for our ability to support you and our other clients leading up to and following go-live.

Here’s where we stand today:

  • We’ve achieved 100% employee readiness—all of our implementation and support employees have completed in-depth training on ICD-10.
  • We’ve updated our claims-scrubbing software to accommodate ICD-10 codes. We’ll continue to update our rules and edits as we conduct further testing with payers, and will further update them every 24 hours after go-live as we learn from the thousands of claims transactions we process every day.
  • We’re leveraging the results of our ICD-10 online assessment tool to identify our high-risk clients, and proactively reaching out to assist them with their ICD-10 readiness plan.
  • We launched an online testing environment for ICD-10-coded claims—for payers that make end-to-end testing available, we’re working with them directly to coordinate testing for our clients.
  • We encourage clients who need assistance with their ICD-10 testing to reach out to us—we’re happy to help.

The reason we took those steps is to:

  • Keep wait-time low for clients who call our support line.
  • Maintain our 98% first-pass clean claims rate—and continue to improve it.
  • Help our clients minimize revenue disruptions and extra work due to increased claims denials.

Our team-focused approach is one reason why KLAS® ranked ZirMed the highest in the industry in terms of how well we guided providers through 5010—and the support we deliver every day is why providers recently voted us Best in KLAS for 2013 in the claims and clearinghouse category. KLAS also ranked us highest in terms of providers’ confidence level in how well we will guide them through ICD-10.

Are you ready for ICD-10? Take ZirMed’s free ICD-10 readiness assessment—and find out more about how ZirMed can help you get ready for ICD-10.

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