ICD-10 Testing: Our Plan for Your Success

July 22, 2015

Join us to learn about ZirMed’s ICD-10 testing initiatives, including how the process works for ZirMed clients and the best practices for test claim creation using ZirMed’s platform and solutions. Learn how to ensure you get the maximum value and greatest possible level of detail from testing with public and commercial payers—and gain insight into what to expect (and what to watch out for) when it comes to ICD-10 testing in the months leading up to go-live.

In this webinar, ZirMed’s ICD-10 expert Crystal Ewing will cover:

  • Creating a support ticket for ICD-10 testing
  • Tools and tips for creating test claims
  • Finding payers’ testing requirements
  • Submitting test claims
  • Leveraging the Support & Training Center (STC) as you ramp up testing

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Stay Informed