Improving the Healthcare Patient Payment Experience

December 14, 2016


Today, patients don’t simply “check in” at the front desk. The new environment of patient financial responsibility requires the front office to be able to answer payment, billing, and eligibility questions—and to have a high-level understanding of patient-collections best practices along with the technology needed to deliver a seamless and consumer-focused payment experience.

To learn how your organization can further improve the patient billing and payment experience, join HIMSS speakers Stanley Nachimson and Catherine Schulten for Improving the Healthcare Patient Payment Experience. In this webinar, we’ll:

  • Identify how to streamline eligibility/estimation and payment on the provider, patient, and payer sides.
  • Explore the functionality of various technologies that exist to help improve the patient-payment experience.
  • Explain how patient registration and payment has moved from a check-in experience to a more traditional consumer/retail experience.
  • Detail the skillsets and best practices that are critical to providing an efficient, highly satisfactory patient-collections experience.

Stay Informed

Stay Informed