Infographic: Achieving a Better ROI from Claim Status Checking

September 5, 2017

You’re busy, the team is busy – but staying on top of claims statuses is important. Proactively monitoring can keep small issues from turning into denials. Easier said than done, though; it takes 5-12 minutes per claim to check status manually and that adds up fast. Often that time is spent only to find that the claims in question don’t have a status yet.

A tremendous amount of time is wasted by revenue cycle staff members checking on claims where nothing has happened yet. A technology-driven, automated approach to claim status monitoring ensures resources are being expended where they will do the most good – working only those claims that have already been identified as having issues.

Download the infographic to see how an automated approach to claims monitoring could save you time, minimize costs, and prevent revenue leakage!

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