Less than 50 days to ICD-10: Tips to help you prepare.

August 17, 2015

Happy Friday, readers! As of this week, we’re officially within 50 days of the October 1 ICD-10 transition deadline! To mark the occasion, RCM Answers is sharing a variety of tips, tricks and infographics from CMS to help providers get ready for the switch. To test if you’re ready for the new coding standards, you can also take our ICD-10 Assessment to see where you stand.

You can also prepare for ICD-10 by reading, “5 Denials Management Tips for ICD-10 and Beyond,” a helpful checklist in Electronic Health Reporter, written by our Senior Business Analyst, Crystal Ewing. From developing a thoughtful automation process to improving visibility, Crystal’s suggestions will help you avoid costly denials that are usually preventable, in turn saving money, time and the frustration that comes with chasing down claims.

Finally, Health Data Management helps healthcare CIOs explain the importance of health analytics to the rest of the C-suite. To improve corporate buy-in from top executives, the piece recommends avoiding “IT speak” and using business objectives to help them understand the benefits of an analytics program. To fully understand the impact of a data prediction platform, check out the latest article by our Chief Data Scientist, Paul Bradley, in Big Data News where he elaborates on how healthcare organizations are applying technology to predict the likelihood of denials and their impact on the revenue cycle.

Next week, we’re hosting a day and a half of educational and networking sessions at our ZirMed User Group Conference (ZUG15) in Chicago. We’re looking forward to this year’s theme, “Architect Your Future,” and meeting with attendees to discuss reimbursement strategies, denials management, and more.

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