A Look Back at 2015

December 30, 2015

By: Stacy State, Director of Marketing

It’s hard to believe 2015 has come and gone; it was a big year in healthcare—from the ICD-10 go-live to the new official targets CMS announced for value-based care.

Here’s a look back at our favorite articles from 2015:

Applications of Predictive Analytics in Healthcare – Looking ahead at 2016 and beyond, two major applications of predictive analytics in healthcare stand out. These two big-picture categories exist independent of care setting—meaning they are just as true for new-to-market retail healthcare clinics as for established hospital and health systems. Read Now

Integrate and Automate RCM – Even as outcome- and value-based reimbursement models continue to transform healthcare, it’s worth noting how significantly even the best-run health systems and hospitals can boost their financial performance by relentlessly focusing on key revenue cycle best practices. Learn how one health system significantly improved its financial performance utilizing revenue cycle best practices. Read Now

5 Denials Management Tips for ICD-10 and Beyond – Denial management is an industry-wide challenge—and despite traditional approaches intended to reduce denial rates, it’s one that continues to grow. Learn about best practices that help drive down everyday denials that create A/R delays, back-office backlogs, and an unreliable revenue cycle. Read Now

Best Role-Playing Scenarios to Increase Your Department’s Collections – Role-playing exercises can help patient access employees to be comfortable collecting from patients, because they’re able to repeatedly practice what to say to patients. Learn about specific role-playing scenarios and best practice techniques to use with your employees. Read Now

Guiding Strategies for Keeping Acquired Practices Profitable – As hospitals and health systems acquire independent practices, they must strike a delicate balance – strengthening business operations without disrupting the day-to-day work of staff and the experience that patients are accustomed to. Learn more about some simple guiding principles that can help illuminate the right decisions in the myriad situations that can arise. Read Now

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