Mining Value in Healthcare: Tying Together Physician and Hospital Data

March 2, 2017


Leading health systems continue to benefit from advanced revenue integrity solutions that leverage data mining and predictive analytics. Yet even these cutting edge organizations are realizing there’s a gap – and that there’s more value to be extracted by the tying together of hospital and physician data. Effectively bringing together these two distinct classes of financial data can deliver more holistic revenue integrity for the entire health system, while also enhancing physician satisfaction.

Watch this video to learn how your health system can avoid:

  • Missed charges on the hospital and the practice side of the house.
  • Undercoding of professional claims, or improperly assigned codes that ultimately negatively impact reimbursement and/or payer-based incentives/bonuses.
  • Overlapping/duplicative professional and institutional charges, creating audit risk.

In this webinar, we’ll explore strategies and technologies to:

  • Enhance charge capture accuracy across the hospital and physician practice sides of the business.
  • Provide the basis for reporting across whole health system—with insight into which piece of conflicting information across the data is more accurate.
  • Link hospital and physician data sources—and proactively identify disagreements or incongruencies that exist before they turn into audit risk, patient satisfaction issues, or denials waiting to happen.

Stay Informed

Stay Informed