On Demand Webinar: Front-Office Tech to Jumpstart Reimbursement

December 13, 2017

Applications that offer a one-stop shop for multiple front-office processes are gaining popularity—and for good reason. Logging into multiple websites or systems to complete a task is disruptive and cuts into the productivity of a modern front-office workflow. In addition, today’s patients want their healthcare experience to be more like other aspects of consumer life—knowing what they need to pay for up front, being offered the payment form that works best for them, and having the option of utilizing payment plans that ease the burden of medical expenses.

Learn how you can accomplish all of this and more with ZirMed’s Sales Education Specialist, Jessica Hendricks, in Front-Office Tech to Jumpstart Reimbursement. In this webinar, Jessica will show you front-office solutions that allow you to:

  • Verify patients’ eligibility status, based on demographic, insurance, encounter, and procedure information
  • Enable anyone in your front or back office with an internet-connected computer to create and view estimates in only a few clicks (and without specialized training)
  • Reduce the time your staff spends calling, faxing, and searching various payers to verify benefits
  • Increase your cash collection and reimbursements

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