On Demand Webinar: Proactive Collection Strategies for Patients with Resetting Deductibles

February 3, 2018

It’s that time of year again.  Your patients have deductibles that just reset and you need to be on top of your game to collect from them as early in the revenue cycle as possible. But with patients paying higher premiums and struggling with high deductibles, how can you collect what is due while still ensuring patient satisfaction and a positive financial experience?

Join us to learn how ZirMed’s solutions can facilitate effective collections from insured patients, and help you move away from outdated ways of managing self-pay patients to new technologies for detecting active, billable coverage.

Our Presenter

Lisa Waterfield is an Enterprise Revenue Cycle Consultant at ZirMed, a leading revenue cycle management technology organization. She is an expert at process improvement and has more than 12 years of experience with healthcare revenue cycle management and compliance. Prior to joining ZirMed in 2013, Lisa worked with a large practice management system and a billing service. Lisa was responsible for best practice initiatives, change management to address implementation of new industry guidelines, and corporate level training for their revenue cycle systems. She also managed audit of regional offices in system staging, process development and ongoing revenue cycle change.

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