Patient Engagement Tips, Analytics Usage in Healthcare—and a Community Service Award for ZirMed!

May 21, 2015

As you prepare for your Memorial Day weekend, here are a few of our favorite reads from the past week:

The Health Care Blog discussed patient engagement tips in its latest blog post on patient portals. The piece asserts that portals are just one component of a patient-centric approach, and that increasing patient engagement requires a shift in culture to facilitate a more consumer-like experience.

Health IT Outcomes covered a recent survey on providers and analytics. According to the study, only 10% of healthcare professionals currently use analytics technology to its fullest potential. However, leveraging new technologies such as predictive analytics can lead to significant improvements in business intelligence, clinical outcomes, and cost management.

Finally, we announced this week that ZirMed has been honored by the Louisville Central Community Centers, Inc (LCCC). As part of our employee-driven volunteer program, we partnered with LCCC in 2014 to provide mentoring programs and work with local children in the Louisville area. You can read more about our program, partnership with LCCC, and future volunteer efforts here: ZirMed Honored with Corporate Community Service Award.

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