Podcast: Conquering The Search For Hidden Coverage

May 31, 2017

Unpaid self-pay balances continue to be a leading source of bad-debt and elevated days in AR for providers, from small providers to the largest health systems. In fact, bad debt in healthcare is projected to rise to $200 Billion by 2019! But don’t give up just yet – there can be active, billable coverage hiding in your “self-pay” accounts.

Join us to learn how ZirMed’s Coverage Detection tool identifies and verifies active insurance coverage that wasn’t provided at the time of service—including retroactive coverage your patients may be eligible for—and delivers the information you need to accurately bill payers for the care provided.

In addition to diving into the state of the industry and the drivers behind hidden and unknown coverage, we’ll detail:

  • Why it costs, on average, twice as much to collect from patients than from payers.
  • How ZirMed Coverage Detection finds 2.8x more billable coverage than competitors’ applications—and delivers, on average, a 10% hit rate.
  • How Coverage Detection helps you enhance patient satisfaction by providing insight into the coverage your patients have or are eligible for.

Stay Informed

Stay Informed