Podcast | Winning the Claims Inefficiency Battle

August 3, 2017

McKinsey & Company reports revenue cycle inefficiencies consume 15 cents of every healthcare dollar. Given the complexities of claims management, it’s no surprise that many of these inefficiencies occur during claims processing. But how do you identify these errors and unproductive processes that may be costing you in valuable time, dollars and resources?

View this presentation to learn about 10 of the most common claims management inefficiencies your team likely faces every day. You’ll learn to:

  • Identify red flags via your clean claim rate
  • Understand how to get better visibility into claim status
  • Manage payer challenges
  • Resolve claim issues before they result in denials

Lisa Waterfield | Enterprise Solution Consultant

Lisa has more than 12 years of experience with healthcare revenue cycle management and compliance. Prior to joining ZirMed in 2013, she worked with a large practice management system and a billing service. Lisa was responsible for best practice initiatives, change management to address implementation of new industry guidelines and corporate level training for their revenue cycle systems. She also managed audits of regional offices in system staging, process development and ongoing revenue cycle change.

Lisa is an expert at process improvement. She brings a blend of business and technical expertise to her current role of enterprise revenue cycle consultant.

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