Remit Management

Manage Healthcare Remits Easily and Cost-Effectively

Lost claim remittances and the time-consuming process of manually posting payments leads to costly delays, increased AR days, and unrealized revenue. ZirMed’s Remit Management solution provides a cost-effective way to receive electronic remittance advice from payers and compile the information all in one system, saving you time and reducing manual processes and errors.

Leverage Convenient Remittance Management Workflows

ZirMed’s Remit Management solution provides you with the ability to view, work, and post all your remits in one convenient place using a sleek yet simple interface. This means no more logging into multiple payer sites. You’ll have at-a-glance access to all your payment information on ZirMed’s Remits Dashboard, and you’ll see your recent claim remittances sorted by date, number of payments, and amount.

Accelerate Remittance Processing

ZirMed’s Remit Management solution takes the stress out of managing healthcare remits by allowing you to easily track, view, and download your remits for faster processing. You can also search for and find any remit and easily view the corresponding deposit (Note: This requires ZirMed’s Remit and Deposit Management. With ZirMed’s Remit Management solution, you can also perform searches by date, payment number, patient, ICN, patient account number, and more. You’ll receive all remits from payers in the standard 835 electronic format, and you can work paper remits electronically with an automatic conversion to the 835 format (Note: This requires ZirMed’s EOB Conversion).

Track and Post Remits Quickly and Easily

ZirMed’s Remit Management solution helps you identify when files arrive and whether each file corresponds to a check or EFT. ZirMed’s Remit Management solution posts remits automatically, saving you time and avoiding the delays associated with posting payments manually. Unlike remits on payer websites, ZirMed’s Remit Management solution automatically links the remits and claims together so you don’t need to manually search for the associated claim. You can even split remits and payments among multiple providers and practice management/health information systems (HIS).

Incorporate Flexible Build Options

ZirMed’s Remit Management solution provides you with the ability to set up files to download automatically or build files at your own convenience. Group your remit files by payer, date, or payment type, and choose the build option that best matches your workflow and practice management/HIS system requirements. In addition, split and distribute remits and payments among multiple providers and HIS.

Gain Greater Insights Into Your Cash Flow

ZirMed’s Remit Management solution integrates seamlessly with ZirMed’s Deposit Management solution so you can easily manage claim deposits and eliminate manual bank reconciliation, saving you time and reducing errors. ZirMed’s EOB Conversion and Payer Lockbox solutions also enhance Remit Management by receiving and processing paper checks, converting paper remittance advices into electronic transactions, and posting and reconciling payments.

Integration Capabilities

By design, ZirMed’s revenue cycle management platform enables creators of healthcare technology solutions to seamlessly and easily incorporate our HIPAA and PCI-compliant applications and transactions into your software solutions. Using ZirMed’s integration capabilities, organizations seeking a traditional approach of exchanging EDI transactions may transmit and receive a variety of claims, payments, eligibility inquiries, and other healthcare transactions using established technologies and methods such as X12 files, APIs, Flat Files, FTP, Encryption (i.e. PGP), and more. You’ll have confidence knowing that your exchanges are occurring securely, in compliance with all regulatory guidelines, and utilizing existing technological capabilities.

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