Revamp and Improve RCM: Revenue Cycle Strategies to Help Your Practice Thrive


Whatever role you play in the organization, you’re proud of your work, especially those accomplishments that help your practice run better. What can be challenging are the layers of policies that accrue over the years as staffing, management, business needs, and patient populations change – and sometimes the policies lag behind the real needs, simply because there are so many of them that it’s hard to update them comprehensively.

In this webinar with Susan Childs, FACMPE, we will explore strategies to rapidly transition into a new era of revenue cycle management. We will look at confirming current as well as new timing patterns and strategies that can help you revamp your accounts receivable and improve collections. We will explore questions such as:

And examine strategies and technology to effect change as you identify the opportunities to revamp and improve RCM in your practice.

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