ZirMed Financial and Clinical Performance Management Solutions

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Optimize your revenue and population health with the power of ZirMed’s cloud-based, interoperable platform.

From changing reimbursement models, increasing patient financial responsibility, and regulatory mandates to falling income and rising costs, healthcare organizations from the largest hospital systems to the smallest practices face unprecedented challenges.

ZirMed is ready to help you meet them. Today, ZirMed is the only company in the nation delivering a comprehensive end-to-end platform of cloud-based financial and clinical performance management solutions to help you manage your revenue cycle and patient health outcomes more effectively than ever before.

Solutions Overview

   Ideal when you’re facing:

  • Declining reimbursements and excessive A/R days
  • Increasing patient responsibility
  • Changing reimbursement models
  • Rising operating costs and budget constraints
  • The need for interoperability across systems
  • Staffing issues
  • Regulatory mandates
  • The need to continuously benchmark performance and improve results
  • Difficulty managing pay-for performance (P4P) or value-based care programs
  • The need for faster workflows, and quicker access to information

ZirMed’s Comprehensive End-to-End Solutions for Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), Population Health Management (PHM), and more.

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From the moment your organization begins to interact with a patient to the day they leave your accounts receivable, there’s always a ZirMed solution available to help you get paid more fully, find overlooked revenue, accelerate patient and payer payments, and identify where and how to focus your collection efforts and expenditures—while reducing your costs, streamlining your workflows, and making life easier for you and your staff.

Let ZirMed help you drive your bottom-line performance, with technologically advanced solutions designed to help you meet the challenges of today—and tomorrow. Request a custom demo and see for yourself.

Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

Patient Access

Advanced Cloud-based Front Office Platform

Accurate eligibility verification • Secure patient payment processing • Actionable patient estimation • Comprehensive pre-registration tools
Benefits: Streamline pre-registration • Estimate patient responsibility • Accurately verify eligibility

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Charge Integrity

Intelligent Coding and Charge Capture

Immediate revenue identification • Missing charge recovery, overcharge detection, and CDM analytics • Automated toolset to improve efficiency
Benefits: Identify hard-to-find revenue • Automate repetitive workflows • Drive proactive improvements

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Claims and AR Management

Hyper-efficient Claims and AR Workflows

Advanced proprietary rules/edit engine • Enterprise-wide payer payment management • Innovative denial management capabilities • Actionable revenue cycle analytics
Benefits: Manage claims with maximum efficiency • Reduce preventable denials with ZirMed’s 98%+ first-pass clean claims rate • Gain insight into your financial performance and make better informed decisions

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Analytics Solution

Cost & Utilization

Gain Deep Visibility into Provider Metrics

Provider benchmarking and reporting • Fee-for-service reimbursement • Pay-for-performance tools and reporting • Cost and utilization reports
Benefits: Benchmark provider performance • Manage fee-for-value reimbursement • Understand patient risk stratification

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Analytics Solution

Population Risk Management

Improve Population Health Outcomes

Proactive readmission analytics • Physician, population health, and patient safety & quality analytics • Referral management tools • Care gap delivery • Patient risk stratification
Benefits: Understand population health and identify risk • Proactively analyze readmissions • Manage referral leakage

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Patient Engagement

Easily manage the entire cycle of patient engagement and collections

Easy-to-use Community Patient Portal • Two-way provider/patient messaging • Retail-like patient payment experience • Care management team workflow
Benefits: Offer consumer-friendly payment experience • Achieve two-way provider/patient messaging • Manage care team workflow

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