Claims Management

Get faster, easier, more powerful claims workflows.

The applications in ZirMed’s complete cloud-based medical Claims Management solution help you maximize revenue and productivity while reducing AR days and write-offs. They’re always up-to-date with changing government regulations, payer policies, and patient payment models. And they all feature powerful, easy-to-use web-based interfaces for higher productivity and faster training.

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Claims Processing

Use ZirMed’s Claims Processing and 98%+ clean-claims rate to increase payments while reducing AR days, headaches, and time spent on claims. Access the power of ZirMed’s unique, easy-to-use Workcenter interface to boost productivity by focusing users on tasks specifically assigned to them. Streamline your claims submissions process, spot trends and pain points, submit professional and institutional claims, easily access the Medicare FISS Direct Data Entry system, and much more.

Payer Payments

Reduce costly delays and expensive manual processing by handling all your payer payments in one system. With Remit Management, you’ll receive all your remits from all payers electronically. Remit & Deposit Management eliminates time-consuming, error-prone manual bank reconciliation processing while giving you greater visibility into your cash flow. And EOB Conversion with Payer Lockbox automatically converts incoming paper checks into electronic payments.

Remit-based Analytics

Gain insight into your financial performance and make better informed decisions. ZirMed Remit-based Analytics makes it easy to proactively monitor and improve your financial and operational performance.

Coding Tools

Accurate coding is critical to getting paid quickly and fully. With ZirMed’s Coding Tools, your team can easily search for and find the codes they need, providing an extra layer of assurance that coding is complete and correct— before claims are submitted.