Population Health Management (PHM)

Get the insights you need to improve clinical outcomes, quality, efficiency–and value-based reimbursements.

Population Health Management

From fee for value (FFV) and pay for performance (P4P) to accountable care and capitation, the rise of value- and outcome-based reimbursements is bringing unprecedented challenges to healthcare organizations of all kinds—and unprecedented opportunities.

Healthcare reimbursement models have never been as closely aligned with your core mission—providing high-quality care and the best possible clinical outcomes for your patients—as they are today. And that alignment is only going to get stronger in the months and years ahead.

ZirMed’s cloud-based Population Health Management (PHM) applications are designed from the ground up to help you take full advantage of these opportunities—and take your organization to new levels of business and clinical performance.

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Delivering actionable insights to every level of your organization

Pop Health Insights

To optimize your performance under value-based reimbursement models, people at every level of your organization—from physicians, specialists, and care coordinators to managers and administrators—need clear, actionable insights delivered at the right time.

ZirMed’s sophisticated population health analytics technology dives deeply into the mountains of raw data that’s already available about your patients’ health and clinical history. We do the heavy lifting to ensure comprehensive longitudinal records of care, identifying gaps in care and grouping patients into accurate risk cohort groups.

Then we deliver precisely the information clinicians and administrators need to make smart, real-time decisions about patient care and expenditures.

Powerful Population Health Management capabilities

ZirMed makes it easy to:

Clinical Integration

Clinical Integration

Quality Improvement

Get actionable information that keeps your clinical staff ahead of the curve—and gives you visibility into your top performers and opportunities for improvement. You’ll benefit from:
Quality Improvement

Physician Cost and Utilization

Whether you need to manage and better understand high-cost cases or ensure clinical best practices across your entire organization, ZirMed gives you the insight you need to accomplish your goals. Now you can:
Cost and Utilization Analytics

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Risk Management Analytics

Risk Management Analytics

Interoperable cloud-based solutions for every major value-based care program

Unlike population health products from EHR vendors, ZirMed’s Population Health Management solutions are fully vendor-agnostic and interoperate freely with all of your other systems. And we offer solutions for all major value-based care programs, including:

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To make Population Health Management (PHM) even more powerful:

Identify and collect millions of dollars in missed revenue opportunities hiding in your own data.

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Get the perfect end-to-end Revenue Cycle Management RCM system for your organization.

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ZirMed’s Charge Integrity solution typically delivers a 4 to 1 return on investment for hospitals and health systems by uncovering millions in recoverable net revenue.

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ZirMed makes it easy to communicate quickly and effectively with your patients through a secure web portal.

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Diet, Exercise…and Data?

Get a fresh perspective on effective population health management—and learn the best practices your organization needs to implement in order to be successful.

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