EOB Conversion with Payer Lockbox

Automatically converts incoming paper checks into electronic payments.

In today’s cost-pressured healthcare environment, you can no longer afford to spend hundreds of hours a month processing paper checks.
That’s why you need ZirMed’s EOB Conversion with Payer Lockbox solution.

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EOB Conversion with Payer Lockbox

EOB Conversion with Payer Lockbox Walk-Through Video (3:09)

Ideal when you’re facing:

  • Paper check and remit issues
  • Time-consuming visits to the bank to make deposits
  • Cumbersome record-keeping and reconciliation

Discover the power of ZirMed EOB Conversion with Payer Lockbox:

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Obtain posted files for payer payments to import into your HIS or PM, and use quick search to find individual ERAs, deposits, and dates.
Automatically reconcile and post payments–and access up to two years of records.
Automatically create a digital image of–and automatically index–all paper correspondence, checks, statement stubs, and remittance advices.

And much more!

EOB Conversion with Payer Lockbox Solutions
  • Route mail directly from payers to your dedicated digital lockbox.
  • Transform paper checks into EFT transactions, which are then automatically deposited into your bank accounts.
  • Convert paper remittance advices into electronic transactions (835s).
  • Match newly-digital ERAs and payments to the deposits and claims for payer payments.

Ready to see what ZirMed EOB Conversion with Payer Lockbox can do for you?

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EOB Conversion with Payer Lockbox lets us focus on value-added work for our clients, and allows us to redeploy staff in a more leveraged manner.”
Carrie Moneymaker, Operations Manager
Medical Management Professionals, Inc.

To make EOB Conversion with Payer Lockbox even more powerful:

Improve your revenue cycle results by enhancing cash collections.

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Use Eligibility Verification to streamline the patient check-in process.

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Works claims more efficiently than ever before with ZirMed’s new Workcenter.

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EOB Conversion with Payer Lockbox Walkthrough

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